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Right hand screen door latch.

Product Features

  • Amerimax design
  • Easy to install
  • Fasteners included

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  1. Mike Mitchell says:

    Perfect match Well, the door on the RV got slammed once too many times and a little too hard against the closed screen door. Broke the handle right off. When I looked at this online, it seemed to be the right shape, but looked big. It fit perfectly and I didn’t even have to change out the existing latches. For those wondering, this is 3.66 inches high (a little over 3-1/2 inches) and (if I remember right) the screw holes are just under 3-1/8″.To tell if your door is right hand or left…

  2. Dan R says:

    Picture isn’t accurate My camper door has a lip where the handle attaches to it. If you look closely at the picture shown it shows that the edge is thicker about 2/3 of the way to fit over a lip. The one shipped is completely flat, which is not what my camper needs and it doesn’t fit correctly and I’d have to try to shim it. I’m not sure if I can return it as I had to open before I could tell that it wasn’t right. If you have a camper door that doesn’t have this lip, I think it would be fine. My camper is a name…

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