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1000W Power Inverter:

The power inverter can convert DC 12V into AC 110V. with a Battery Cable and a Cigarette Lighter Cable

Strong Cooling System:
Built-in temperature-controlled cooling fan help increase effective as well as dissipate heat, to make your inverter work safer and more effective.

Battery Cable with Clamp and Cigarette Lighter Cable:
This 1000W Power Inverter comes along with a Battery Cable with Battery Clamp,the cable is up to 2.63 ft,which is much easier to connect with Car Battery or 12V battery .
It also has a Cigarette Lighter Cable which can use in car to directly plug into the car cigarette .

Multi-Protect & Safety Grantee
Automatically alarms when DC battery voltage gets low and drops to 10.5V . Automatically shuts down when DC battery voltage drops to 10V,with Overload, overheat, over charge,short-circuit,over voltage, under voltage, and reverse polarity protection .

Product Specification:
Charge/Run Electronics in Car or a 12v Battery
1000W Continuous Power,2000W Surge Power,Modified Sine Wave
Auto Shutoff When Car Battery Gets Low
Input Voltage: DC 12V, Output Voltage: AC 110-120V
Input Over voltage Protection: DC 16±0.5V
Input Low voltage Protection:DC 10±0.5V
Over heat Protection: 65±5

Optimal Use and Precautions
1. For DC 12V and Car ONLY,not applied for DC 24V and airplane use
2.Remember to disconnect inverter from battery if you do not use it.Otherwise,it might discharge the battery
3.This inverter is with “modified sine wave” that’s perfectly fine for resistive products, not work good for inductive products. If you need to use for appliance using a motor or a delicate piece of medical equipment,you need a “pure sine wave” inverter

Package contents:
1x1000W Power Inverter
2x Battery Clamp
1 x Cigarette Lighter Cable
1 x User Manual
With 18 Months Warranty

Product Features

  • 【Widely Using】High power inverter-Three Grounded 110V 120v AC outlets Provides 1000 watts continuous DC to AC power and 2000 watts of peak power which can used for Car,Home,RV,Solar.(Please confirm your device is in 1000W continuous power)
  • 【Car Using】 This 1000 watts inverter can’t be used as a Car Jump Starter,hook this up directly to the 12V car battery. You can use the Battery Clamp connect the inverter directly to your car battery to power your appliance and you have power on the go
  • 【Home or Outdoor Using】 Just need a 12V battery system to connect with it to power your device in home or outdoors for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Outage.(The backup time is never depending on the inverter capacity.)
  • 【Full Safety】 Over voltage,Low voltage,Overload,Short circuit,Over heat,polarity reverse protection with 4 built-in 40A fuses,1 Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan.(Don’t power hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons,Coffee maker.)
  • 【PACKAGE CONTENTS】 1 1000W Power Inverter,2 pieces 2.63 ft Battery Clamp cord,a Cigarette Lighter,1 User Manual,18 months warranty and 100% Customer Service

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Works as advertised cables are strong & thick

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just love this very well made product! This came in a box within the Amazon box. The box was in great condition. Inside the product box the contents were nicely packaged. The inverter, instructions, a cigarette lighter adapter, and a set of alligator clamps were all included.When hooked up, this product works as described. When overloaded, it instantly trips out and makes a beeping noise (it will not power a large shop-vac). It did work well on lights and radios.The finished appearance of the product is very nice…

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