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This is a 10FT Direct Hard Wire kit which will fit Whistler Brand radar detectors. If you have a Cobra, Beltronics or Escort this is not the cord for you. We have those in our Amazon Store.

This will fit all current Whistler Model radar detectors.

Product Features

  • For wiring into fuse box
  • Plug size is 1.3 mm Center tip is positive
  • 2 amp rating
  • 10 feet in length

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This cord works perfectly with my Whistler radar detector, and is so much better than messy wires. From the drivers seat, I don’t even see this wire. Plus if I take it into my other car, the plug is right where I need it to be. No more routing wires and fighting with slack.Tying this into switched power is a little trickier than plunging it into a cigarette lighter, but its well worth it, because you never have to turn it off, and you never forget to turn it on. You have to know…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Worked perfectly. I mounted the radar detector above the rear view mirror and ran this wire from the detector up and under the front edge of the headliner on my Highlander, over to the “A” pillar cover. I saw several videos in YouTube about connecting this to the fuse panel using an add-a-circuit Fuse Tap that I bought at the same time. Ran the wire to my fuse box inside the dash, and connected it to 15 amp cigarette lighter circuit so that it is NOT powered when I turn off the…

  3. Anonymous says:

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