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19 DX IV – CB Radio – LCD Display – 40 channels by Cobra …

Product Features

  • Cobra(R) 19 DX IV 40-Channel Compact CB Radio Specifications: ? 40 channels? Compact? Illuminated LCD display? RF gain & S/RF SAP meter ? Built-in
  • noise-canceling
  • electronic phase-lock loop tuning ? CB/PA switch & 4-pin screw-on microphone connector? Dynamic microphone with 9ft cord? Instant emergency channels 9 & 19 UPC : 028377200830 Shipping Dimensions : 8.80in X 8.70in X 2.80in Estimated Shipping Weight : 2.43

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    Cobra 19 IV ReviewThis radio gets 5 stars because it does exactly what it promises. It puts basic citizen band capabilities into your hands. This is a very basic radio. It has no special noise blanker buttons or other enhancements.This is the perfect radio to take on a road trip and to talk to truckers within about 2 miles or so. The range of your communication depends on your antenna. I have talked to truckers 5 miles away with a Little Wil 300 mag mount antenna on…

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