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Removable radar detector mount, or car dash mount, washable, reusable. Use with any radar detector. Passport Radar detector, Escort radar detector, Cobra radar detector, Valentine radar detector, Whistler radar detector, ipod, iphone,droid, sirius radio,android. The possibilities are really endless on what you can use your pad to hold still.

Product Features

  • Amazing super grip, strong hold. Works for GPS, cell phones and radio satellites too.
  • FAST AND EASY install, just place the pad on your dashboard or window and add your radar detector or cell phone, GPS, Raidio…even sunglasses,coins, garage door opener.
  • No sticky residue, removable, washable and reusable. Amazing product! Buy one for your cell phone too!
  • You wont need glue, tape, or velcro, no brackets, no crazy suction cups that fall off, just place your phone or radar detector on the magic mat and it stays safe!
  • Non-Magnetic and you will not need any glue, clings almost any surface; It can be directly stick to cars, trucks, SUV etc

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