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tem number MP300 General Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz UHF:400-480MHz Number of Channel 200 Channel Spacing 25KHz 20K 12.5 Phase lock step 5KHz, 6.25 KHz, 10 KHz ,12.5 KHz, 15 KHz, 25 KHz Working Voltage 13.8V DC±15% Squelch way CTCSS/DCS/5Tone/2Tone/DTMF Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm Operating Temperature -20~+60 Dimension(W x H x D) 98(W) x 35(H) x 118(D)mm Weight 408g Receiver Broadband Narrow band Sensitivity ≤ 0.25μV ≤ 0.35μV Channel choice ≥70dB ≥60dB Intermodulation ≥65dB ≥60dB Spurious Rejection ≥70dB ≥70dB Audio response +1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~ -3dB(0.3~2.55KHz) Signal to noise ratio ≥45dB ≥40dB Audio distortion ≤5% Audio output power ≥2W@10% Transmitter Broadband Narrow band Output power 25W/20W(VHF/UHF) Modulation Mode 16KΦF3E 11KΦF3E Channel Power ≥70dB ≥60B Signal to noise ratio ≥40dB ≥36dB Parasitic harmonic ≥60dB ≥60dB Audio response +1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~ -3dB(0.3~2.55KHz) Audio distortion ≤5%

Product Features

  • Dual Band TX & RX
  • MINI Size Mobile Radio
  • Can Use Cigar Lighter to Supply Power in Car
  • Long Talk Range
  • Easy Operate

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