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Class A/B Topology

A class A/B amplifier uses two groups of transistors and it is generally considered to be the best compromise of the two classes put together. A pure class ‘A’ amplifier typically has an enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. A pure class ‘B’ amplifier has no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal. This eliminates virtually all of the crossover distortion that’s possible with class ‘B’ amplifiers. A class A/B amplifier is much more efficient than a class ‘A’ but without the possible distortion of a class ‘B’.

MOSFET Power Supply

Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor is a transistor used for amplifying or switching electronic signals. We use it in computers, telephones, game consoles, cars, electrical appliances, and in our amplifiers. They are found in systems where information is processed or stored. A MOSFET is basically an electrical switch that allows the flow of electrical current. The MOSFET performs its most important role in our D Class amplifiers by allowing or preventing the flow of power and creating an efficient amplifier.

General Features

  • Two ohm stable stereo operation with output power increase
  • Thermal, overload, and speaker short protection
  • Soft turn-on circuit
  • Remote turn on / turn off circuit
  • LED power and protection indicators
  • Black anodized heatsink
  • Nickel plated low level and high level inputs

What Comes In The Box?

  • Remote subwoofer level control
  • High input cable with connector
  • Instruction manual
  • Mounting screws

Low And High Level Inputs
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Low And High Level Inputs

You can get a signal into RIOT series amplifiers two different ways – Low level and High level input. A low level input is measured in voltages. It comes in the form of RCA outputs from the back of your receiver and goes to the RCA inputs on your amplifier. A high level input is measure in wattages. It comes in the form one positive and one negative wire from the back of your receiver to and goes to the input terminal of your amplifier in the same wire form. Low-level (RCA) input wiring is preferred for best audio performance. Always use a high-quality RCA cable for best audio performance. Note: Do not connect both the high level and low level inputs from your receiver to your amplifier at the same time.

Variable Bass Boost
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Variable Bass Boost

With the R1100M amplifier you have Variable Bass Boost, which gives you control of exactly how much bass you want to pump out to your subwoofer(s).

Variable Crossover
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Variable Crossover

Subwoofers reproduce sound based low range frequencies. This process is called the crossover effect and occurs because the vast majority of audio systems cannot cover the entire spectrum sufficiently to minimize sound distortion and maintain an appropriate frequency ratio. In the case of our R1100M amplifier, a variable crossover is offered so that you, the listener, have the ability to set the frequency at which the crossover occurs, thereby setting precise sound specifications on your subwoofer.

Product Features

  • MOSFET Monoblock Power Amplifier
  • Remote Subwoofer Level Control Included
  • Blue Illuminated BOSS Logo
  • Max Power @ 2 Ohms: 1100 Watts
  • RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 250 Watts

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CD/USB/MP3/WMA playback, built-In Parrot Bluetooth for HFP/A2DP, Pandora Internet radio control via iPhone USB, SiriusXM SXV100/SXV200 Ready with iTunes tagging, Wireless Remote Control included

Product Features

  • Built-In Parrot Bluetooth for HFP/A2DP
  • Pandora Internet Radio Control via iPhone USB
  • Made for iPod and iPhone
  • Sirius XM-Ready
  • Front AUX Input

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The RoadPro RP-18CC is just what you need for connecting your CB Radio through your truck, RV, or tractor trailer. It measures 18 feet long, just whats needed for those big jobs. The molded PL-259 connectors help with moisture protection. For use with single CB antenna SO-239 stud mounts.

Product Features

  • ROADPRO 18 foot CB & Amateur radio Antenna Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors – Black.50 Ohms.

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Galaxy CB radios are designed with features that a serious CB operator can appreciate and a new user can easily master. The radio functions are laid out in a driver friendly format essential for ease of use while keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead. Each knob or button controls its own task, minimizing the need to look at a display or cycle through multiple menus. The DX-959 has been a solid performer for more than 15 years. It is at the top of our mobile CB line and is jam packed with big radio features. The Galaxy DX-959 Features AM/SSB and PA Modes. Large, Easy-to-Read Meter with: Power Output Scale calibrated for AM and SSB, Modulation Percentage Scale for use on AM, Signal Strength Scale indicates up to 60 dB over S9, SWR Scale Five-digit Frequency Counter with On/Off Switch Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure) High SWR Alert Circuit with Warning LED Talkback Circuit with On/Off Switch and Volume Control Variable Power Output Control Variable Dimmer Control with On/Off Switch Roger Beep with On/Off Switch and LED Indicator Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter Circuits Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) Circuit for use on weak signals White Meter Lamp Yellow Channel and Frequency LEDs Full-sized Chassis Side Mic Jack Clarifier Control 3-Position Tone Control Switch for Receive Green/Red LED Indicator for RX/TX Receive (RF) Gain Control Mic Gain Control Rear Jacks for External Speaker and Public Address Use Two Year Limited Warranty Dimensions:7-7/8″W x 9-1/4″D x 2-5/16″H (Depth does not include knobs or antenna connector) (Width does not include side mic connection) Radio Weight with Microphone: 4.4 pounds Shipping Weight: 5.8 pounds What’s in the box beside the radio: Handheld Microphone, Radio Mounting Bracket and Microphone Mounting Hardware, Power Cord, Owner’s Manual

Product Features

  • Large, easy-to-read meter with scales for power output, modulation, SWR and incoming signal
  • Five-digit frequency counter with large yellow digits , two-digit channel display with larger yellow digits, variable power output control, variable talkback circuit with on/off switch
  • Automatic SWR circuit and an SWR alert LED, Roger Beep with on/off switch
  • Variable dimmer control with push switch to turn off the meter lamp and display digits, 3-position tone switch for receive
  • Proprietary Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) Circuit reduces noise to aid in the recovery of weak SSB signals

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Cobra SSR 80 performance radar/laser detector has an ultra compact design and improved range. It is a high performance detector with a refined style. The UltraBright data display provides easy recognition of band icons, while the LaserEye provides 360 degrees detection of laser signals. The signal strength meter provides the user with relative proximity to the target.

Product Features

  • Warns driver of emergency vehicles and road hazards from systems equipped with Safety Alert transmitters
  • Alerts the user when they are under surveillance of VG-2 radar detector-detectors
  • Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors
  • Provides complete immunity to Spectre I radar detector-detectors
  • Allows the user to select operating mode, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas

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Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Maximum Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector

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Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Maximum Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector

The new SPX 7800BT is the culmination of Cobra’s over 30 years of experience in building quality, high-performance, detectors. The game changing SPX Series nearly doubles the detection range, and warning time, of previous models!

Cobra Quality

Cobra uses the latest technology, military grade components, and the best design practices in the world to pack this phenomenal performance into a sleek detector nearly half the size of other detectors in the market. Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to all radar/laser guns currently used in the United States and Canada, including POP Mode (Super-fast) Instant-on Radar guns. Color OLED Display provides clear indication of the signal being detected as well as current mode of the detector.

Bluetooth Technology

The SPX 7800BT also pairs with your iPhone/Android smartphones via Bluetooth to provide Location-based alerts, using Cobra’s proprietary national database for AURA Speed/Red-light Camera, Known Speed Traps, and Dangerous Intersections. Drive with the ultimate detector and drive with peace-of-mind.

  • Maximum Performance – High Power CPU and Military-grade components maximize detection range and selectivity.
  • Community Threat Sharing – Share alerts and locations in real time.
  • Ultra Compact Design – Discreet and refined—One of the world’s smallest detectors available.
  • Full-Color Organic LED Display – Bright graphics display for intuitive visual threat notifications.
  • Eight-Point GPS Compass – Automatically provides an accurate direction heading, when connected to your iOS/Android smartphone via Cobra iRadar app.


Customer Service number: 773-889-3087
Cobra Electronics website at: https://www.cobra.com/support for all Cobra manuals and customer service contact.

Product Features

  • Ultra-low-noise, signal amplifiers that once were affordable only to military systems
  • Low-microwave-loss circuitry utilizing gold-plated circuit boards
  • Use of flip-chip Mixer/Multiplier diodes in packages that were once unattainable
  • First Local Oscillator Transistor (Super-low-noise, high-mobility J-FET) that has been chosen to optimize signal gain, output power, and low noise characteristics over its frequency range
  • Powerful CPU that enables sweeping of the entire police radar band spectrum in less than 240 milliseconds

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How many times have you been backing out of your driveway or a parking spot only to have a little kid dart behind your automobile, seemingly out of nowhere? The HDE Waterproof Backup Camera is the perfect solution. This easily mounts to your car, truck or SUV’s license plate area. Suddenly you have eyes in the back of your head! This camera features a 110° wide angle view, displays in color and also has IR Night Vision Illumination. Now you can see little Johnny dart from behind the bushes in the day light or you can see the crusty granola hipster in your local Whole Foods parking lot during the night time.

Product Features

  • Rearview Backup Parking Reverse Color Camera with Night Vision Illumination
  • Swivel Angle Adjustable License Plate Mount Camera, 9.8″ x 1.2″ x 1.6″
  • Distance Scale Line Display for Parking, Reversing, Depth Perception, and Night Vision
  • Package Contents: 1 x Camera, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x 20 ft. RCA Video Extension Cable

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18″ Dual 4 Ohm XXX Series Car Subwoofer

Product Features

  • XXX18 D4 V2 – RE Audio 18″ 2000W RMS Dual 4-Ohm XXX Series Subwoofer
  • Power Handling: RMS: 2000 watts
  • Dual composite 2-piece cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Top-mount depth: 14.75″

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Boss BV9986BI Bluetooth-Enabled In-Dash DVD/MP3/CD AM/FM Receiver

The face plate detaches and you can carry it with you for safety and security.
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Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

3 year BOSS Audio Platinum Online Dealer Warranty when purchased from Amazon. com

General Features

• Switchable US & Europe Tuner Frequencies – If you happen to take the BV9986BI outside of the US, you are able to pick up European frequencies so that you can enjoy your music abroad as well. • RDS Tuner – ‘RDS’ stands for ‘Radio Data System’ and it allows FM broadcasters to send far more than just an analog audio signal out over the air waves. Using a 57 kHz ‘subcarrier’, stations can transmit digital RDS data for reception by RDS-equipped FM tuners. Depending on what the broadcaster transmits and what your tuner can pick up, you can receive information such as the name of the artist/song, name of the station, genre, traffic information and more. • Front AUX (Auxiliary) In – This little input in the front of the BV9986BI that says ‘AUX’ is an interface that allows the input of audio signals for MP3 players, headphones and portable music players. It is for Audio only and not video. • Output Power: 85 watts x 4 Channels – The BV9986BI offers 4 channels that can be used to hook up 4 speakers. Typically though, it is a much better practice to have an amplifier running your system.

Inputs / Outputs And Playback

1)Inputs & Outputs • Front, Rear and Subwoofer Outputs • Video Output • Rear Camera Input • Rear Audio/Video Inputs • USB Ports (Front and rear) 2) Playback • DVD±R/RW Video • CD±RW Audio & Video • MP3 / WMA

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Full iPod / iPhone Control

With this cool feature you are able to control your iPod/iPhone just like you normally do. There is a 30 Pin Dock connector cable located in the rear of the BV9986BI and all you have to do is to simply plug and play.

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Compatible With Audio Output of iPod / iPhone, Smartphones, and MP3 Players

A great feature that comes in handy is the AUX input located in front of the unit. What this does is that it allows you to connect a device that has an Auxiliary output, such as your iPhone/iPod, smartphone and MP3 player straight into the Auxiliary input of your head unit. So basically a cable that has (2) 3.5mm (male) plugs. Important: Please beware that this feature is not the same as the “Full iPod Control”. This feature will only allow you to control your music by clicking on the designated buttons via the face or front side of your unit.

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Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Bluetooth technology is a short-range radio technology that was developed to provide wireless audio and data transmission. Two Bluetooth-enabled devices (like a mobile phone and a car) can be paired so that they establish a communication link when they come within range of each other. Depending on the device, the range can be anywhere from 3 to 300 feet. The BV9986BI supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). A2DP is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system).

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Steering Wheel Interface

You can be even safer now with the interface capability that allows you to connect the existing steering wheel controls that you already have straight to the BV9986BI in a wide variety of vehicles to almost any brand of aftermarket stereos. You will be able to control the volume, change channels, answer calls and more.

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Bluetooth Hands-Free

With this function you are able to answer you phone with just one press of a button. When the call ends you can either hang up first by pressing just one button again or do nothing at all as long as the person you were talking to hangs up first. Just keep on driving without any distractions.

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SD Memory Card Port

After the face plate is removed, you are able to insert an SD memory card with your favorite audio and video files.

Product Features

  • Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
  • Compatible with audio output of iPod and other MP3 players
  • Brightness: 600 NITS
  • USB and SD Memory Card ports
  • 7-Inch Touchscreen TFT widescreen active matrix display

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Blue Tooth – Enabled In – Dash Double – Din DVD/MP3/CD AM/FM Receiver With 6.2 Inch Widescreen Touchscreen TFT Monitor with USB and SD memory Card Ports and Front Panel AUX Input

Product Features

  • Double-DIN mounting, WMA/MP4/MP3/DVD/SVCD/VCD/CDR/CDRW and SDVD compatible, USB and SD Memory Card ports
  • Resolution: 1440 x 234 pixels, Brightness: 600 NITS, On-screen display
  • NTSC/PAL compatible monitor, PLL synthesized AM/FM tuner, 30 station presets

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