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Cheater Box – Cheater box plugs into a 30 amp and 20 amp outlet, and provides 50 amp at the output. Requires two separate circuits and will not operate on a GFCI outlet. 1 year warranty. Model 230-ADTP30.

Product Features

  • One year warranty
  • Model 230-ADTP30

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USB Line Out Dock Cable lets you get high-quality line out audio from the dock connector of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod while charging. One end has a 8-pin connector that attaches to the bottom of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, the end other splits into a 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo audio plug and a standard USB connector.

Plug the audio into a home, portable, or car stereo to listen to high quality, line-out audio. Plug the USB into a computer or wall charger to charge the iPad, iPhone, or iPod while listening for hours.


Brand New and High Quality.

Quick connectivity to computers with USB port.

Quick charge your iPhone or transfer your data with USB port.

With 3.5mm jack directly connecting it to the 3.5mm input socket on your car stereo, home Hi-Fi, DAB radio or amplifier.

2 in 1 cable with USB plug for connect to the computer.

Gold plated 3.5mm jack connector

. Car charger input: 12-24VDC,

Output:5.0VDC 1.0A.

Product Features

  • Design for iPhone 6 ONLY(NOT FOR IPHONE 6 PLUS AND IPHONE 5 5S)
  • Brand New and High Quality 8 Pin to 3.5mm Audio and USB 2.0.
  • Transfer your Music to your car and charging your iphone at the same time

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LCD : 1.5 inch LTPS Screen Audio: Built-in high sensitivity microphone/speaker External Memory: Micro SD card up to 32G(Class 10 above suggested for smoother video) Manual Lock : Emergency recording support Motion detect : supported Video format : AVI Video coding: M-JPEG Video resolution: 1920x1080P30,1280x720P30 Photo resolution : 5MP Photo format: JPEG Loop recording: OFF/1min/3 min/5 min/10 min Auto screen off : OFF/1 min/3 min Microphone mute : ON/OFF


1 x T9 Car Cam

1 x user manual

1 x vehicle mounted adaptor

1 x vehicle mounted cup bracket

1 x USB cable

(Memory card not included)


Conbrov trademark has been registered on Amazon.

Conbrov design and distribute IP Cameras and in car dash cameras all over the world.

Product Features

  • 1080p full HD 1920*1080 video
  • 140 degree super wide angle lens with night vision
  • High quality 1.5′ LTPS Screen
  • High Quality Li-polymer 3.7v 100Mah built in battery
  • G Sensor SOS emergency recording & motion detection available

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AFUNTA’s trademark has been registered in the USA, also registered on Amazon. All of AFUNTA products should have AFUNTA logo on the packaging. We provide one year warranty only for the products with AFUNTA’s logo on the packaging. The product is fake if there is not AFUNTA’s logo on it. If you receive the product without AFUNTA’s logo on it, pls report to AMAZON and return it to get money back.

Brand Name: AFUNTA

This tracker GPS103B is a new product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It provides multiple functions, such as security, positioning, surveillance, emergency alarms and so on.Main Functions:

1. Used widely for vehicle and other moving objects tracking.

2. Single Locating.

3. Successive locating automatically.

4. SOS.

5. Alarm Function:Low battery Alarm; Power off Alarm;Geo-fence; Geo-fence; Movement Alarm; Overspeed Alarm

-Operation Temperature: -20¡ãC to +65¡ãC(-4F~149F)

-Humidity: 5% ~ 95% non-condensing

Package Included:
1 * GPS tracker
1 * Remote control
1 * Microphone (1.5 meters)
1 * GSM antenna (3 meters)
1 * GPS antenna (3 meters)
1 * Relay (12V/40A to 24V/40A according to vehicles)
1 * Harness (10 Pin)
1 * User manual
1 * CD with software


Product Features

  • Remote control with alarm on/off function. GPS/GSM station positioning.
  • SMS/GPRS/internet network data transfer. Point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring.
  • Support 9-36V, so it can be installed on Bus, taxi, truck ,personal car, business car etc.
  • Absolute street address with GSM network. SD card for data logging. Continuously auto track upon different time and distance intervals.
  • Main functions: SOS, Geo-fence, movement alarm, over speed alarm, accident alarm, voice monitoring etc. Remote control with alarm on/off function.

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Bluetooth Version:V4.1+EDR

Frequency Range:2.4GHz

Output Power Category: Class2

Supported Bluetooth Profile: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

Bluetooth Range: up to 30feet

Electric voltage: DC 3.3V-4.2V

Package list:

1 * Bluetooth audio receiver

1 * Micro USB cable

1 * 3.5mm audio cable

1 * 3.5mm audio metal adapter

Product Features

  • Music or call switching, free and relaxed. Super clear and flow conversation effect. Easy to use wireless music and sound solution for your existing wired headphones, speakers and stereos, great for car stereo system too.
  • Simple and Easy Wireless Set-Up, Automatically connect, if you need the cell phone connect the receiver automatically, just turn on the Bluetooth of the cell phone first, and then turn on the Bluetooth receiver.
  • Two-link: can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Over length receiving distance, can reach up to 30 feet in open space without cables.
  • High performances Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP for enhanced audio quality.
  • Simple operation, normal speaker become hands-free Bluetooth speaker magically, portable for vehicle mounted systems.

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The XRS 9340 provides total protection and peace of mind with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, detecting 12 radar/laser bands with reliable and proven performance. The 9340 also comes equipped with an UltraBright Data Display, Safety Alert, Strobe Alert and many other Cobra feature mainstays.Amazon.com Product Description The XRS 9340 provides total protection and peace-of-mind with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, detecting 12 radar/laser bands with reliable and proven performance. The 9340 also comes equipped with an UltraBright Data Display, Safety Alert, Strobe Alert and many other Cobra feature mainstays.

The XRS 9340 provides total protection and peace-of-mind. Click to enlarge.

Click to view controls.

The Auxiliary Audio Jack can be used to connect external speakers in environments with high ambient noise levels.

Ultra-bright data display for easy reading.

High Performance
High performance radar/laser detector with reliable, proven performance.

12-Band Detection
Detects 6 radar, 4 laser and 2 safety signals. Radar signals include X Band, K Band, Ka Superwide, Ku Band, VG-2 and Spectre. Laser signals include LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser and ProLaser III. Safety signals include Safety Alert and Strobe Alert.

UltraBright Data Display
Provides easy recognition of band detected by use of band identification icons.

Ku Band Detection
Detects Ku Band Radar Gun currently being used in Europe. Be prepared for future introduction in the U.S.

Provides 360-degree detection of laser signals.

VG-2 Alert/ Undetectable
Provides complete immunity and alerts the driver when under surveillance of VG-2 Radar-Dectector-Detectors.

Spectre Alert I/Undetectable
Provides complete immunity and alerts the driver when under surveillance of Spectre I radar detector-detectors.

Strobe Alert
A Cobra exclusive, works with tens of thousands of emergency vehicles currently equipped with traffic light controlling strobe emitters. Provides advance warning of the presence and/or approach of emergency vehicles.

Safety Alert
Warns drivers of the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra’s exclusive Safety Alert transmitters.

Auto Mute
Automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience.

Relative-speed-sensing Auto Mute system that virtually elminates false alerts.

Digital Signal Strength Meter
Provides the driver with relative proximity to the target using 5-level digital signal strength meter.

City/Highway Selector
Allows the user to select operating mode, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas.

Dim Mode
Allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing night driving visibility.

Stay Set Electronic Memory
Electronically remembers radar detector settings for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed.

What’s in the Box
XRS 9340 Radar Detector Unit, Straight 12V DC Power Cord, Windshield Mounting Bracket with suction cups, Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • 12-band high-performance radar/laser detector with ultra-bright display
  • Detection and separate alerts for X, K, Ka, and Ku radar bands, laser signals, Safety Alert signals, Strobe Alert signals
  • Superheterodyne Technology provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest radar guns
  • Safety Alert function warns drivers of emergency vehicles and roadwork hazards
  • One-year warranty

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Driver-Requested Features

Fuel logs, including fuel economy

Mileage logs and driving timers

Route comparison

Mile markers and exit information

Travel centers with searchable amenities

Customizable warnings and alerts

Product Features

  • Updated look – New hardware, faster processor, new interface options, improved maps
  • Advanced lane guidance – Be prepared, whether you’re approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection
  • Toll Costs – View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls
  • 5″ Screen

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Sometimes, when you’re barreling down the highways of life, you just have to reach out your voice into the darkness and see who’s there – to let the faceless void fill with your words and thoughts and peek into your soul for a time. Why? Because that’s what truckers do. They do it with CB radios, just like TV and movies of the 80s taught us. Well, the 80s are in our past, but the tech has been adapted for our present. Presenting, the CB Radio iPhone Handset.
The CB Radio iPhone Handset is just a lot of fun. Plug it into your iPhone (or any smart phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack) and get ready for loads of retro fun. A dial on the side turns the unit on and pumps up the volume, it’s got a belt clip, But the real joy of the CB Radio iPhone Handset is the mute button. All it does is mute the other side of the conversation, but what it really does is make the experience all the more like a real one-way CB dialog. The CB Radio iPhone Handset is great for whenever you want to talk to your good buddy and feel like the cubicle trucker you are.

Product Features

  • Looks just like you ripped it off an old CB radio
  • Microphone integrated into cord for better sound pickup
  • Answer and Hang Up button
  • Volume Control and Power On/Off dial
  • Mute Button – mutes the other side to feel more like a real one-way CB radio

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Replacement Handset With Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Product Features

  • Features Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Noise-Canceling Microphone With 6-Pin Connector
  • Special Noise-Cutting Circuitry
  •  Dynamic Noise-Canceling Circuit
  • Voice Coil Diaphragm
  • Replacement Microphone for Cobra CB radios equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Dynamic Noise-Canceling Microphone
  • Metal Mesh Grille
  • Coiled 9′ Cord with 6 pin Connector
  • Left-Side Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button

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This is for the BENCH only It is a great way to compact your Radio Bench and clean up that mess. These are Factory made in the USA and very sturdy. How long have we all been going to “get around to building a bench mount”

Product Features

  • This is the Bench ONLY !
  • Made from the same material as good kitchen cabinets.
  • The surface is a formica like kitchen cabinets and very durable.
  • 3 of these make a great corner station.
  • The 3/4″ wood body makes it easy to mount radios mikes and wires to.

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* Working voltage: 12V
* Working current: 10A
* Inner diameter: 0.87 inches
* Inner length: 1.18 inches
* Cable Length: 26.4 inches

Range of use

* Used with electric equipment for power supply: Vehicle, GPS, mobile phone, camera
* Used in any 12V motorbike, Boat, Riding mower, tractor or car

Package Contents

* Car Lighter Socket Plug
* Two Connector wires

* This product can NOT be used for lighting cigarettes!

Product Features

  • Widely used with electric equipment for power supply: Vehicle, GPS, Mobile phone, camera
  • Install in any 12V motorbike, Boat, Riding mower, tractor or car.
  • Using high-qualityPA66 nylon flame retardant material, high temperature resistance, wear resistance
  • A nice choice for refitting
  • Note: the hard plastic cover is waterproof, but not 100% waterproof

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Product Highlights:

Description of Use: Dashboard car video camera (commonly known as a ‘car dvr’) which is suitable for mounting in all vehicles. It has a g-sensor motion feature as well as a GPS recording function so that it will capture the video and location of all your driving events.

Technical Details:

Motion detection function for automatic recording of unexpected events.

Auto power-on option to start recording video as soon as the auto engine is started.

Parking Monitor: Collision or shaking will trigger the camera to start recording. This function will enable the camera to record video of the person or vehicle that may hit your car while it is parked on the street or in a storage lot.

This model has the best night vision of any car DVR camera. Using superior Amarelle technology, it can capture the important details such as license plate number even in very low-light conditions.

Loop Recording Option: Setup the camera so it is always recording footage. If the memory card runs out of free memory, it will auto record over the old files.

Micro SD card up to 64GB (card not included) -high speed cards

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Camera Viewing Angle: 130 degree wide angle

Camera Lens: Full 1/3 inch color 4.0M CMOS, 6G+Ir fixed focus lens, focusing range: 60cm to Infinity

Video records in full HD 1920 *1080p and MOV format, with many other high-resolution video recording options you can select

Available video file recording settings: 2560*1080@30 FPS, 2304*1296@30 FPS, 1920*1080@30 FPS, HDR 1920*1080@30 FPS, 1280*720@60 FPS, 1280*720@30 FPS

Image resolution: up to 4.0 megapixel, 2240 * 1680, with many other high-resolution photo options you can select

Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC

Package Contents:

1 * AusdomA261 HD Car DVR Camera

1 * Dash / Windshield Mount

1 * Car Charger and Cable

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • This Dash Cam Recorder (also called a “Car DVR with GPS”) attaches to your dash or windshield and records the road in full HD (1080P) for an ultra-detailed video of your journey. The Ausdom® Car DVR Dash Cam is suitable for passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks.
  • The Ausdom® model A261 records everything in full high-definition during both day and night driving. With a 130° viewing angle and Ambarella video recording technology, the high-def camera of this car dvr ensures that every detail of your drive is recorded in crystal-clear quality.
  • Car DVR Recorder can be setup to turn on and automatically start recording as soon as you start driving. You don’t need to press any buttons, this makes sure that everything is recorded on every trip you make, so you don’t have to worry about having to press the record button!
  • The GPS function of th is model is very special.Why? Because it captures and inserts the date and location data to all the recorded videos. When you have a Car DVR with GPS you get to record all these important details: Video, Car Location, Car Speed, Date, Time, and the Driver Information.
  • Has a high resolution 2.0 inch LCD display for convent viewing of the real-time or recorded videos made by the car camera.

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Plimber posted a photo:

santa cruz, ca

camera{ hasselblad 501cm
film{ ilford pan f+
lens{ zeiss 60mm f/3.5
filter{ 3-stop graduated ND