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Why should you buy this 500 watt Energizer inverter?

• The EN548 from Energizer is the world’s first inverter that incorporates 9.6A of USB charging capacity
•The EN548 can be installed permanently with it’s built in mounting post .
• You can’t go wrong with Energizer! We believe in our product and quality and we offer the warranty that proves it – “2 Years parts and labor warranty”

Product Specification:

• 500 watt of continuous capacity and 1000W Peak. Don’t just take our word for this inverter’s rating, this item has been tested, validated and approved by Intertek for both its safety and performance.
• Input Voltage: 12V DC, Output voltage: 110V~120V.
• 4 USB with 9.6A shared – 2.4A x4 – 48 total watt
• We have your back – This inverter has all the protections that you will need, Overload, Temperature, short circuit!

What’s included?

• 1 x 500W Power Inverter + 48 watt USB
• 1 set of alligator clip!
• 1 x cigarette lighter cable
• 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 500W continuous / 1000W peak power + 48 Watt USB (9.6A)
  • Ultra Silent (thermal fan)
  • 2 X Standard North American AC Outlets
  • World’s first inverter with a 4 Port 48 watt USB (9.6A / 2.4A x4)
  • Cigarette Lighter and Battery Cables Included

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  1. Jaybean says:

    Buy this over the Duracell inverters

  2. Elisha Bee says:

    This is really great! I had another brand previously and took it …

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