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Small (53x30x3mm) Solar Cell capable of charging a battery to power a motor, light bulbs and LEDs, etc. Great for DIY projects, solar walkway lamp repair, etc. Applications: – SMALL HOME PROJECTS – SCIENCE PROJECTS – ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS – CHARGING SMALL DC BATTERIES – BUILD YOUR OWN SELF POWERED MODELS / TOYS / SOLAR DISPLAYS. Performance parameters: Operating Voltage: 5V Working Current: 30mA Peak Power: 0.15W Size: 53mm *30mm*3mm Package Contents: 4 Solar Cells
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Product Features

  • Solar Cell capable of charging 3.6-3.7 V Battery (Coin Cell, AA, AAA, etc)
  • Great for science projects, electronic applications, charging batteries
  • Easy solder anode and cathode
  • Operating Voltage: .5V, Working Current: 30mA, Peak Power: 0.15W, Output Voltage: charge for 3.6 – 3.7V Battery
  • Dimensions: 53x30x3mm – Contents 4 Cells

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  1. Solarman1999 says:

    Exactly what I was looking for, extremely well made …

  2. Blake Coonrod says:

    Five Stars

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