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Upgrade your car or boat with a Tablet for (better) GPS navigation or simply to listen to music, watch movies or browse the internet! This car/boat windshield holder fits for most Tablets / GPS / other devices with 7-12″ display size The holder is attatched to the windshield or any other window with a large and powerful soaking cup. To adjust the screen perfectly to your viewing angle, the holder can be rotated 360°. It also tilts 90° up/down and swivels 90° right/left. You can use this functions free and easily for example to use glare on a sunny day.

The holding clamp is padded with a soft foam to protect your device from scratches. The device is fixed to the holder with an adjustable holding clamp that can be locked and unlocked quickly with just one hand.

– device height: 4.8 – 8.5″
– device width: min 5.9″
– device thickness: max 0.86″
– 360° rotation
– 90° tilt/swivel

Product Features

  • car/boat windshield holder fits most Tablets / GPS / other devices with 7-12″ display size
  • rotates the device 360°, tilts/swivels 90° to reduce glare and adjust the display perfectly to your viewing angle
  • large 3 3/4″ high-power suction cup keeps your device in position
  • padded with soft foam to protect your device from scratches
  • holding clamp extends vertically from 4.85 to 8.5″ (height) and requires a horizontal minimum width of 5.9″ ; 0.86″ max. device thickness

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