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The A-iPower SUA12000E generator delivers POWER, when you need it. This generator is powered by A-powers 459cc powerful engine. It provides 12, 000 watts of starting power and 9, 000 watts of running power. The size and power output make the SUA12000E the perfect generator for construction sites or back-up power for your home during emergencies. Equipped with a keyless one-touch button for electric start, it allows an effortless startup of the generator. Its GFCI Protected Outlets provides added protection and safety under damp condition. The 1-1/4in heavy duty full frame provides added strength and protection for the generator. The A-iPower SUA12000E is combined with an efficient, high output alternator which utilizes the same design and technology found in more expensive brand name products. With over 25 years of experience and reliability this design provides the greatest peak wattage for starting your motor-driven tools and appliances. Delivers power when you need it! The generator has an easy to reach, ergonomically angled control panel which conveniently provides easy, user-friendly access and visibility to the panel. For your convenience, this unit has DC adapter plug for charging battery or use with USB adapter. The A-iPower generator can power up: lights, TV, refrigerator, pump, air conditioner, and fan all at the same time. It is capable of running 4 to 5 power tools. With a large 7 gallon heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank with built in fuel gauge, it provides an average run time of 9 hours at 50% load. The generator operates at 78dBA.

Product Features

  • 12, 000 starting watts/ 9, 000 running watts with electric start
  • Keyless one-touch push button provides an effortless start
  • 7. 0 gallon, large heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank provides up to 9 hours of run time at 50% load
  • Effortless move. Large 9. 5in Never-Flat wheels designed for heavy duty loads and improved traction and mobility over rough terrain, ultimate on the job mobility
  • Gfci protected outlets provides added protection and safety under damp condition
  • Built-in DC adapter plug. Built for charge your battery or use with your USB adapter to charge your cellphone. Dc charging cables included.
  • The cord protective cover keeps all the wires concealed while providing protection and neat appearance
  • Neutral Bonded to frame for added safety
  • 12V-14ah maintenance free battery included
  • None CARB complied, can not ship to California

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great generator! Got us through Hurricane Irma without breaking a sweat! I live in Florida and bought this unit in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew hit us. It sat in my garage for year, only started it once every 4 or 5 months and let it run for 20 min at a time. Then Hurricane Irma hit us this year (2017). So this was my first real test for this generator and i couldn’t be more happy with it. It ran for a total of 80 hours and never let me down and what handled everything i tried to power with it. I had my full size, Whirlpool double door refrigerator/freezer,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing Machine I had a chance to use this machine after hurricane Irma, took me a while to get the wheels on and set that vibration pad (which I noticed is slightly off center), ran it for 5 hours to break it in and changed to 10-30w synthetic oil. After the flood waters subsided, I fired her up, it ran everything I needed during the power outage, ( a side by side fridge and a freezer chest, computers, 2 motor well pump, and all my lights) it was a cool night here in Florida so a ceiling fan was enough to…

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