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RV Boat Bedside Reading Light

Directional Lighting
Rotate axis swivel arm provides different lighting direction
Dual Lighting Mode
Dimmable warm white(3000K)light and soften blue mood light
Touch Control
Touch lamp head to toggle different lighting mode and on/off/dim control
Focused Spotlight
Narrow cone of light provides bright lighting,no disturb bed partner
Sleek Design
Low profile LED reading light, neat finish after installation

Brushed Nickel
Operating Volts: DC 9-16V
CCT: 3000K Warm White
Surface Mount
Output: 130 Lumen
Dimming Rang: 10%~100%
CRI: >85
Energy efficiency class: A+
Height: 4.3″ Base Dia: 2.17″ (Refer to picture)

Very Important, Read me!

1. Make sure the electrical access hole dia (or drilled hole) smaller than 1.2″ (3 cm), the lamp base only support max hole dia 1.2″ (3 cm) coverage.
2. If the hole dia (or existing hole) larger than 1.2″ (3 cm), add a base plate to cover the larger hole, mount the LED lamp to base plate. Cover plate sold separately, ASIN#B07DPG3BZ1

Product Features

  • Focused Cone Of Light: It illuminates a footprint area on your book page, ample light to read by, don’t disturb others
  • Comfortable Reading: Soft warm light (3000K) beam creates a relax feeling, superb color quality (CRI>85), no glare no flicker
  • Handy Dimmer Switch: Touch dimming switch allowing more flexible lighting options, lower brightness as ambient light
  • Relax Lighting Mode: Easy touch to toggle different lighting mode, turn on blue mood light to enjoy relaxing time in bed
  • Adjustable Lighting Direction: It allows 350° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical tilt for your convenient reading. CAUTION: Upgrading old lamp to LED lights, if the existing mount hole is larger than 1.2″, please add a cover plate to install the lamp. Cover plate (ASIN#B07DPG3BZ1) sold separately

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  1. Anonymous says:

    High quality LED light This light was a great addition to the bedroom of our 2018 Grand Design 297RSTS travel trailer. The factory installed reading lights on the overhead shelf, but they are blinding as they are directly above and too bright. These lights are high quality and provide a great light pattern. The touch feature to turn on/off and dim the light is easy to use.Update 6/14/2018 – We have been using these light since 11/2017. The lights have developed a problem of turning on by themselves…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lights turn themselves on randomly in the middle of the night! I have two of these lights installed in my travel trailer. One star because they both turn themselves on randomly at night – frequently! Sometimes the blue light turns on, sometimes the reading light, sometimes it cycles. They even turn off randomly. What is weird is that it rarely happens during the day. I can’t figure out what is causing it. Something to do with the power? Temperature? Either way, this is impossible to live with. I haven’t figured out if I will install a mechanical…

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