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AIMS Power PWRINV8KW12V 8000 Watt 12 Volt Modified Sine Power Inverter, 8000 Watts Continuous Output Power, 16000 Watts Surge Peak Power, Over Temperature LED Indicator

The 8000 watt 12 Volt AIMS Power inverter technology at its finest — AIMS Power’s 8000 watt 12 volt modified sine inverter is smaller, lighter, and more efficient. This inverter requires 2 sets of 4/0 cable if you are going to run at 8000 watts.

Key Features

  • Volt meter on front panel to monitor your battery voltage
  • Amp meter on front panel to monitor your current use
  • Over Temperature LED indicator
  • Over Load LED indicator
  • AC direct connect terminal block
  • On/off switch
  • Over Temperature protection
  • Over Load protection
  • Single cooling fan thermally controlled
  • Internally fuse protected
  • AC output short circuit protection
  • Auto reset on most fault conditions
  • Aluminum case for optimal cooling
  • Pre-wired for remote on/off switch
  • Pre-slotted mounting plate


  • Continuous output power: 8000W
  • Surge power capability (peak power): 16000W
  • DC input/operating voltage: 10 to 15 Volts
  • Output voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%
  • Output frequency: 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz
  • Battery low voltage alarm: 10.5 +/- 0.5 Volts
  • Battery low voltage shutdown: 10.0 +/- 0.5 Volts
  • No load current: < 1.3 DC amps
  • Full load efficiency: 90%
  • 1/3 load efficiency: 95%
  • No load minimum operating temperature: 30ºF
  • Full load maximum operating temperature: 140ºF
  • AC Output Socket Type: Quadruple Type 2 -3 prong
  • High input voltage protection: 15V-17V
  • Low input voltage shutdown: 10V Internal fuse protection
  • Size (LxWxH): 19.02″x7.76″x6.02″
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs

Product Features

  • POWERFUL: 8000W max continuous power, 16000W surge, soft start technology, optional remote available. AC direct connect terminal block
  • PROTECTIONS: overload, over temp, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, internally fused, low and high voltage alarm, cooling fan, and isolated ground neutral
  • FEATURES: Works with appliances, tools, motors, compressors, pumps and much more, up to 66 amps. Volt and amp meters monitor your inverter’s performance. LED indicators. Ground terminal and rugged DC terminals
  • TRUST AIMS: Buy with confidence. In the inverter business for over 20 years. All tech support, warranty, and sales supported in Nevada
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for back-up or off grid power system using a 12V battery(s) in homes, boats, cabins, solar, vehicle outfitters

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    5 months and no issues at all

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