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Hard To Find Configuration!

This Splitter Box allows you to hook up both a CB radio tranceiver, & Car AM/FM Stereo radio, both directly to the existing automotive AM/FM antenna.

Automatic, no switches, has the regular PL-259 lead for the CB, & Moto plug in/out for radio.

Optional Cable extensions and/or adapters can be used if needed. Has SWR fine Tuning Adjustment Screw too!

Product Features

  • Use Your Existing vehicle AM/FM Radio Antenna for Both the Stereo & CB Radio!
  • Great for “stealth” Applications, no Additional CB antenna needed!
  • Has Fine Tuning adjustment for CB .
  • Use when “Stealth & Cosmetic” considerations are more important than maximum CB range.
  • Hard To Find Item, Use Your Existing Vehicle’s AM/FM Antenna, For Both Radio & CB !

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  1. Frank says:

    Four Stars I’m neutral on this because because yes it works, but man is it a pain to get to work on newer Wranglers. If you have a 15 JK, with Sirius enabled radio, these are the 2 harnesses you will need: Metra 40-EU20 and Metra 40-EU10… you’re welcome…. it was a pain but I got it to work. I took off the stock antenna and used the AntennaX CB Replacement AM FM Antenna, so I needed this beast. it did the trick, cb works, just the range isn’t that great. not the fault of this nifty contraption. It did…

  2. Anonymous says:

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