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Product Features

  • MAX SPEEDS OF UPTO 25KM/HR – Zoom past every other boat with a maximum speed of upto 25km/hr. This Remote control boat puts all other boats to shame when it comes to pool or lake races. Apart from so many exciting features, this boat is powered by an impressive single prop motor that blasts this boat to unmatchable speed and control.
  • SAIL AWAY WITH EASY-TO-USE REMOTE CONTROLLER – With a controllable distance of upto 150M amd 2.4GHZ transmitter power, you can also play with multiple boats at the same time without frequency interference. Move in all directions and perform crazy 180 degree flips with the remote controller. Along with a steering rudder, throttle, and long-range antenna, the controller is fitted with 4 AA batteries that keeps you cruising endlessly.
  • A FULLY FEATURE PACKED RC BOAT – 180 degree flips, Fine Tuning buttons for precise movement, Auto Yaw Correction, Water-cooling System, Easy Pairing, Capsize Recovery Feature that brings the boat back upright if it capsizes. Moreover, a top speed of 25km/h and a fully waterproof body makes this RC boat a must have for adults and kids.
  • LOW BATTERY ALERT FUNCTION – The RC boat has a convenient low battery alert function that beeps on the controller when the boat’s battery needs to be recharged. This feature allows you to avoid the boat from stopping halfway on its return cruise.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – The RC boat comes packed with impressive features and is guaranteed to keep you and your kids entertained for hours. Suitable for adults and kids, We offers you a ‘no questions asked’ 30 day return policy as part of our After-Sales service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you Looking for a nice little boat this ones awesome! This little boat is a BLAST! It works great as you see in my video this little boat handled the roaring river like a champ!It controls great and goes across the water with ease! Pretty fast and has great control, A awesome feature I really like that this boat has is the battery low voltage warning the radio actually sounds off a beep so you know it’s time to bring it back to shore this way you never will get it stuck out in the middle of the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    ANTAPRCIS 24km/h RC Race Boat Toy is Great Boat.

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