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Upgrade Your Door Window with the Slim Shade when you need it, see out when you want! Directly replaces existing window and frame or add to door with no window with the template that is provided. Complete unit comes with black frame, tinted window glass and recessed pleated shade. Easily installs with only a screwdriver. Screws included. Fits most RV doors with a 12″ x 21″ radius corner window. Made in USA. Packaged.

Product Features

  • Replaces existing window and frame
  • Easy installation
  • Hardware included

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good product, but no instructions provided. I just installed this window into the door of my R-Pod 178 that originally had no window…in short, I love it! CON: No instructions are provided.The retail box was delivered raw without additional packing and had a small tear/dent in the side of the box. There was no damage to the contents as the window is solidly packed in hard Styrofoam and was well protected. The window comes with a perimeter bead of sealant for the glass pane as well as the external frame already installed…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Installation Tips since there are no instructions. Fairly easy to install but there are no installation instructions included with this product. I would suggest searching for “RV door window replacement” on YouTube and watching a video to get an idea of what needs to be done. If you are replacing an existing window, make sure that this window is the right size for your window cutout. A quick measurement of your existing visible window glass should be approximately 12 X 21 as measured inside the window frame. If it is a lot larger than…

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