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The TTEP115 windshield and dashboard car mount is ideal for use with the TomTom START 40, 45, 55, and XL; XL and XXL; and ONE 125, ONE 130, and ONE 140 models. The adapter plate included with the holder accommodates any of the above TomTom models. It includes Arkon’s Travelmount deluxe mini suction car mount, an adapter plate that converts the mount from a Dual-T to the circular TomTom EasyPort mount pattern, and a 3M adhesive dash mounting disk. The arm of the suction mount adjusts vertically and provides 360° rotation, giving you the ultimate flexibility in viewing the TomTom device from any angle. For cold weather climates, Arkon suggests the sticky suction TTEP179, also available from Amazon.

Product Features

  • Fits TomTom GPS utilizing the EasyPort mount pattern
  • Windshield suction performs well in hot climates and attaches with one touch lever
  • Also mounts to dashboard with adhesive disk
  • Standard PVC clear suction (non sticky)
  • 2 year limited warranty

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  1. W. Cubbage says:

    What a great upgrade from what comes with the TomTom I just got this new mount for my TomTom unit and I am extremely pleased. It is a huge improvement over what came with the unit. First, a lever that allows you to pull a vacuum in the suction cup for greater hold. Second, it is very adjustable allowing you to get a perfect position no matter where you choose to mount the unit. I recommend it highly.An additional note after a little use:I made a very slight modification and glued the round piece that attaches to my…

  2. plyopowerd says:

    A must for TomTom XXL I like nearly everything about my , except the mount. It folds flat, which is nice, but it kept loosening and falling off no matter how much I clean it, spit on it, etc. So I bought this mount, and what a world of difference. This mount is so much easier to use and holds the heavy unit solidly at any angle. We have 3 vehicles, so I keep removing it…

  3. Chris says:

    Mount vibrates – need to rest GPS against the dash or A-pillar The TomTom 540 is a great GPS and comes with an adequate window mount. It does not have a lot of flexibilty, but once you figure out how to mount the suction cup on angles (not just up and down) and rotate the GPS, it fits in any car.I bought this mount so that I could leave it in my car and take the TomTom mount with me when I travel. This mount has a tremendous amount of adjustabilty, and there are no concerns about it coming off the glass.The cruxt of the issue is…

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