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This AT&T Microcell is built by Cisco Systems, a leader in cellular network technology. It can provide up to 5 bars of AT&T cell signal to your 3G and 4G mobile phones (including iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile). Setup is quick and easy – just follow the included “quick-start” guide and it will be up and running typically within 2 hours of setup. Note that this device requires internet connectivity through a wired Ethernet connection (cable is included). Most wired and wireless routers include 4 or more of these ports. Also requires installation close enough to a window to receive GPS signals for use during emergency (911) calls.

Product Features

  • Supports voice and 3G data for 3G/4G/LTE mobile phones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.
  • Simple setup process using quick setup guide – Note that you must have an official AT&T account (not a 3rd-party carrier)
  • Status Indicators: Cell Signal, GPS Signal, Internet Connectivity, Power
  • Works at home or the office (broadband internet connection via Ethernet is required) Note that satellite internet connections often have too much delay for this device to work properly
  • High quality design and construction by Cisco Systems, a leader in cellular and network technology

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Device – Awful Policy This is going to be lengthy review, if you want my quick opinion: this box is incredible, turning no signal into five bars but do not purchase it. Have AT&T send you a free one.How the Box Works————————I thought I should just highlight how the box works for those that are not clear. This box is basically a mini cell tower, hence the name ‘MicroCell’. Once in operation you can make calls, texts, and run 3G and ‘4G’ HSPA data off of it (not recommended –…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Found the silver lining!! Could not believe when I started having problems about 6 months ago with my signal inside my condo, keep calling them, and when I finally got in touch with an AT&T tech support person who was super helpful, they said that they didn’t guarantee that the signal would work INSIDE…wha?? I can’t use my cellphone inside?? They said they had checked all the towers (ha!) and I was right in the middle of three, but maybe blah blah blah…..so I was pretty cheesed that I would have to buy something…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eliminate Cedll Phone Weak Signal Frustrations If you can tie your shoes without tripping over yourself, you can install and set-up this microcell with no problems. I wish I had known about this much earlier. My AT&T cell signal is awful—rarely do I get more than 2 bars–most of the time only one bar. That is on my wireless home phone and two different cell phones. I discussed this signal issue with AT&T several time but not once did they mention this device. I did my homework on it , ordered it, received it and had it up and running…

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