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Ezrecorder 310 is a digital video Recorder that records and stores TV shows for you to enjoy at any time. It works like a VCR but no tape is required. Instead, everything is stored inside a hard drive for easy video playback and managing. Better yet, ezrecorder 310 automatically turns your set-top box on and records video at a scheduled time so you’ll never have to rush home for your favorite shows again.

Product Features

  • 1-click record and snapshot, record 1080p30 HD video from your cable / satellite service providers, camcorder, game console via HDMI/component connection.
  • Work with your set-top box for scheduled recording via IR blaster, please view SOP of IR Blaster learning at the technical specification section.
  • Save in MP4 and JPEG to enjoy on PC or any mobile device. HDCP – protected content cannot be recorded
  • Internal and external hard drives with at least 500G capacity are recommended, and maximum 2Tb for external hard drive.
  • Internal hard drive is Not included. Please format your hard drive to NTFS before using it. USB Hubs, card readers, FAT format, NAS, Kingston UV400 series SSD, SanDisk SSD Plus or HDDs over 2TB capacity are not supported.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good quality HD, but some quirks with the on-device software When it works properly, it really does a great job at capturing HD video at a very high quality, absolutely no complaints. The problem is that this device is really for experts and those with the patience to figure it out, and the instructions are somewhat lacking in some key points around how to properly set-up the external hard drive. The on-device software is a little clunky and can be a bit difficult to navigate. I wanted to give this 4 stars just based on the video quality, but the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good PVR AVerMedia EzRecorder 130 PVRI have been using this device for about three weeks.ProsGood quality playback.If recorded signal is 1080p, recording and playback are at 1080p, apparently at the same number of frames per second and approximately the same bits per second as in the original input video.Pass-through of video signal to TV, even when unit is off (really in sleep mode).Small, unobtrusive (except for USB port; see Cons below)…

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