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Product Features

  • SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT – The size of a standard vehicle key fob and can go anywhere and track just about anything.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Easily place a Mini Tracker in your equipment and/or vehicles without the need for wiring or power connections. The long-lasting rechargeable battery can track for up to 8 days with two hours of motion per day, and averages up to 14 day
  • AFFORDABLE SERVICE – Monthly service of $19. 99/month.
  • IMMEDIATE ALERTS – Know where your crew is at all times with immediate alerts sent straight to your mobile device or computer.
  • VEHICLES SMALL FLEETS – Place the Mini in a vehicle or attach the magnetic case. No installation necessary
  • MOBILE EMPLOYEES – Quickly identify locations and let customers know when service providers will arrive.
  • TOOLS & EQUIPMENT – Place in tool boxes, or attach to worksite or rental equipment. Receive alerts if your valuable assets move after hours or out of designated locations.
  • VALUABLES – Toss it in instrument cases, camera bags, sports equipment, etc. ; anything you’ve invested time and money in can be protected.

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    Awsome product. 100% satisfied

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    This service is awesome! I can track my children for $20 for …

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