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At AwareGPS, we focus on making the features you need easy to use. With 3G GPS vehicle tracking, and a sophisticated level of reporting, you can monitor your vehicles and improve driving behaviors that impact safety, efficiency, and costs. GPS trackers also help protect your vehicle from theft. With customized alerts, you can be notified whenever your vehicle moves during unauthorized hours or leaves a designated location. Custom dashboards and reports help you manage your business easily by tracking mileage, confirming arrival at and duration of visits to customers, and monitoring fuel expenses. With Aware GPS you will never pay for features you don’t need. Get nationwide 3G tracking coverage updated every minute for only $19.99/month with no contracts or cancellation fees. And our free mobile app helps you keep track of things when you’re on the go.

Product Features

  • Nationwide 3G Tracking updated every minute for only $19.99/month, no contracts or cancel fees. Activate 3G vehicle Tracking within 30 days of purchase, receive a free month of service ($19.99 Value)!
  • Track vehicles in real time, replay daily routes, get unlimited alerts for unsafe driving and track vehicle maintenance.
  • Start Tracking in minutes. Simply plug the Device into your vehicle’s obd port, download the free mobile app and you’re set.
  • Prevent theft, reduce fuel usage, rate and rank drivers, monitor off-hours usage and more.
  • Manage expenses with intuitive reports that make Tracking mileage, reviewing daily route history, and managing fuel expenses reliable and easy.

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    AWESOME for Parents!! This product is a no brainer for parents!!I just got a new Mazda5 and installed this to see how it worked. WOW. I think this device should be a must for all parents of kids that are just starting to drive, or have kids that drive their cars!First, this is very easy to use/install. You just plug it into the ODB port of your car, download the app, and set it up, mine was already paired, so it really couldn’t have been easier. It’s very accurate and the app can be used…

  2. Dr. Stuart Gitlow says:

    Easily and accurately keeps track of your car and, perhaps, your teenaged drivers This interesting device plugs into your car’s OBD port, which is present in nearly all cars manufactured after 1996. Finding the port and plugging the unit in took only a few seconds. Once in, you can access information through either the online website or from the MOTOsafety app on your smartphone. The two resources provide slightly different information, but both provide you with a list of trips that your vehicle has taken, speeding alerts, and alerts if your car is taken outside of an…

  3. Steve says:

    Amazing device… incredibly useful This is actually a really great product… I was not expecting it to be as useful as it ended up turning out to be. I installed this on my wife’s car (with her knowledge) in order to get an idea of how this worked. After a few days, we looked through the data and were amazed at how accurate the reports were. It gave detailed accounts of where she had been, how long, and how she drove. I had complained to her for years that she breaks too hard and to our surprise, the software claimed the same…

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