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  • Wired Backup Camera Inneed When Parking Your Trailer to Get Decent Image Quality to Make Your Reversing More Confident and Safty
  • Car Monitor Cam Itself :Waterproof Camera With 18 Infrared Lights and 100% Not Wash Out SHARP CCD Sensor & Night Version
  • Auto Dimming:The Auto Dimming Feature Automatically Dims the Display Brightness Based on Ambient Light. This Means a Super Bright Display During the Day and a Dimmer One At Night.
  • Wired Truck Backup Camera With 50 Foot Camera Extension Cords:This Wire Is Aircraft Grade With Longer Service Life.
  • If You Would Like the Second Cable or Have any Problems, Please Contact Us at : susanjiying@hotmail.com We are Online 24 hours and Offer A 12 Month Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good product, solid seller I picked this one after looking at dozens of others and reading hundreds of reviews. Prices ranged from $59 to $200 on products that looked almost identical. I was wondering if they were all from the same factory and I should just buy the cheapest one. Eventually I decided the cases were all the same or very similar but the guts probably were not. The cheaper ones all use AV cable which is good if you already have old components which I did not (you can get adapters). The 4 pin “aircraft…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent camera system & customer service. This backup camera system is fantastic! The picture is very clear & it is easy to install. The monitor has several adjustments for the picture: color, brightness, hue, and contrast so you can adjust it too your liking. You can also flip the picture upside down if you want to. It has two options for the camera viewing angle on the monitor screen. The mounting bracket is very sturdy. The camera is very well built as well. There are two four prong video jacks which allow you to add an additional…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Updated review EDIT: They sent me a full replacment kit to replace the defective camra, and everything is wirking great! Great customer service and a pleasure to do buisness with! (original info:) Water got into the camera and has blurred the display. Not the best for a so called “all weather camera” when the camera has not been submerged, just used in the rain. Great product for the investment. Low price, and effective. Plenty of cable, easy to operate and install. Only downside for some, would be the…

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