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BearTracker 885 Hybrid CB Radio Digital Scanner with BearTracker Warning System

Product Features

  • Digital TrunkTracking Scanner with Built-in Nationwide Frequency Database & Free Database Updates!
  • Also a Full 40 Channel 2-Way CB Radio Transceiver with 7 Color LCD Display & PA Capability!
  • ANL/NB/Mic & RF Gain, TalkBack, S/RF SWR Meter and More!
  • Scanner Features APCO P25 Phase I & II, LTR, EDACS, Digital and Analog Trunking , WX.
  • * Included GPS Functions Allows This Radio to Set Nearby Scanner Channels Automatically From It’s Buil-in Database, WOW!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Extremely disappointed by the BearTracker 885. Stripped of features to the point of being unusable. I pre-ordered the BearTracker 885 as soon as it was available, and have had it for a little over two weeks now. I am extremely disappointed with how this unit performs, and have found it to be pretty much unusable for the reasons discussed below.In theory the BearTracker 885 sounds like a great idea, combine Uniden’s great BCDx36HP series digital scanners with a CB radio in one package. However, the execution leaves one scratching their head and leaves much to be desired. For some…

  2. Anonymous says:

    A nearly perfect compromise between a scanner and a CB. I reccomend! This device is not the perfect scanner, as other reviewers have noted compared to some of the other flagship Uniden scanners this device is limited.This device is the perfect answer to my problem: How to nicely mount and use a scanner, a CB, and a 2m/70cm radio in my Ram 2500. I could get any two mounted, but not three without opening up the dash and mounting equipment on top under the front window. I did not want to do that!In use, the scanner actually quite nice for…

  3. Anonymous says:

    CB/scanner combo. Simple and it works! I am both a scanner enthusiast and CB user. I do a lot of long-distance driving for pleasure. This unit is perfect for those drives! Turn it in and go. Simple. It works flawlessly. It’s very basic which is what I want for in car use. You can choose from any of the four services to monitor, police, fire, ambulance and DOT. One of transmissions heard one of those forwards will show on the screen. No talkgroup or frequency info. I’m fine with that. If I wanted more detail I could hook up my…

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