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Give your spice jars the space, visibility and easy access they (and you) deserve … without taking up one inch of drawer, shelf or counter space. These gripper clip strips mount securely on a wall or cabinet, and are infinitely adaptable to your needs.

Mount on Wall or Cabinet Door

Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips solve two kitchen problems at once: they maximize space efficiency by putting unused vertical surfaces to work, and keep spices conveniently at your fingertips. Mounted on a wall near your prep area or inside a cabinet, all labels are easy to see and grab.

Top Quality Adhesive Tape for Reliable Bonding

Don’t risk a disaster with cheaper adhesives that may not be able to support the weight of glass jars. Bellemain’s strips use the finest adhesive available so you can rest assured that once they’re mounted, they’ll stay put.

Strips Can Be Cut to Fit Your Space

The Bellemain clip strip system allows you to “customize” a spice organizer that perfectly fits your wall space. Is that space tall and narrow? Cut each 4-jar strip apart into 3-jar, 2-jar and even 1-jar strips. Is it wide? Position the strips next to each other to create a longer row. And, of course, the vertical distance between rows can be whatever you choose.

Gripper Clips Adjust to Jars of Different Widths

Your spice collection probably contains several different brands and jar shapes. No worries: the clip arms automatically adjust to grip any jar up to 1.75″ diameter.

Product Features

  • Saves space – organizes spices on a wall or cabinet door
  • High quality adhesive for superior bonding
  • Each 8.75
  • Strips can be cut to fit your space
  • Clips adjust to jars of different widths

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  1. Matt says:

    The Clip Strips only work with light plastic spice containers … 0

  2. Marilyn Driggers Mays "Marilyn D. Mays" says:

    Not just for spices The gripper clips on the Bellemain spice strips firmly held every type of spice container in my collection. Small squat plastic jars, larger plastic jars with necks, and even the heaviest of glass bottles. Each nestled firmly within the gripper clips and stayed put. I didn’t find that I could grab a jar or bottle with one hand because they are so firmly held. This is not really a problem but it did make me wonder if I might get a bit too hasty one day and break a clip. So far so good though,…

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