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Car Charger For Bel Beltronics / Escort Passport Radar Detectors Auto Power Cord

Product Description:

This is special design straight power cord / phone type plug adapter car charger, it is more convenient for using.
The Cigarette Lighter Plug has a straight cord approximately 6 feet long (5.7 FT long)
For Bel Beltronics, Escort Passport Radar Detectors Series:

Beltronics GX65, RX65 ,RX55 Radar
Beltronics STI Driver Radar Detector
Beltronics PRO STi Magnum Radar
Pro RX55, Pro GX65, Pro RX65 Beltronics Radar
Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 500 Beltronics Radar
Vector 940 Vector V940 Radar
Vector 955 Vector V955 Radar
Vector 995 Vector V995 Radar
Vector 965 Vector V965 Radar
Vector 895 Radar
Escort Passport iQ Radar
9500ix 9500i Escort Passport Radar
8500 X50, 8500 Escort Passport Radar
6800, 7500, 7500S, C65 Escort Passport Radar
Escort Passport Redline Radar Laser Detector
Solo S2 Solo-S2 Escort Passport Radar Detector
Solo S3 Solo-S3 Escort Passport Radar Detector
Escort Passport SC55 Radar

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  1. dennis says:

    Worthless piece of JUNK. I read bad reviews on this product that comes in various forms such as coiled or not and yet I figured they couldn’t sell a piece of JUNK and despite the bad reviews, they must have gotten it fixed by now and take SOME pride in themselves..BOY WAS I WRONG……. as this is just a total waste of money. IT didn’t work right out of the plastic bag it came in, and was so cheaply made it wouldn’t even go into the power source in my car. The metal clamps that hold it in are so stiff they can’t…

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