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iPhone5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 5SE, iPad Air, Air2, mini2, mini3, mini4, GoPro, iPad Pro
Android Devices such as Samsung S6 S6 edge, S7, Nexus 6, 6p and more.
DSLRs with compatible USB cable.
Devices needs a 5V input Voltage(no extra voltage).

Package Includes:

Solar Panel*1
60cm Length Micro USB cable for mobile devices*1
BigBlue brand package*1

Product Features:

* Easy to be folded to the size of magazine, can be put in your bag, as a portable direct power to carry.
* 4 buckles attached for putting on camp or hang tightly on your backpack/tent/tree, etc.
* 3 Port USB connector: Can charge phones and tablets at same time.
* Auto restart: Whenever it lost contact with direct sunlight (by clouds, forest etc.), it will temporarily stops and start again automatically as soon as intercepts the sunrays.


Q:When charging, why does my iPhone show “Charging is not supported”?
A:Because the cable you are using is not certified by Apple, not caused by the power support device.

Q:Does it store power?
A:No, there is no built-in battery in this solar panel. But it supports all the power banks, so that you can store power for using.

Q:Why did I put it on the ground/backpack during outdoor activity, but still I can’t get enough power?
A:The convert efficient will be the best when the solar panel faces the direct sunlight, the stronger light it is, the more power you will get.

Q:I experienced that some of the charger can only charge iPhone but not Samsung, or Samsung’s charger refuses iPhone, will it appear on this product?
A:No, there is a Re-Start chip in this solar panel, to keep the iPhone’s continually charging, also it will recognize the devices automatically, no need to worry about this.

Product Features

  • Clean Energy Power: Foldable Solar Charger Panel Bag–For Camping, Hiking, Climbing or Any Outdoor Activities, With A 21.5-23.5% Solar Efficient.
  • Wide Compatibility: Attached Micro Usb Cable For Almost All Android Devices & Some DSLRs. Or Apple Devices (Needs Extra Apple’S Cable)
  • Easy & Compact Power: Two 2.4 Amps Ports & One 1 Amp Port Under Direct Sunlight.Automatically Adjust Current and Auto-Restart Function,No Need to Connect Again When Passing Under Shadow or Cloudy Days.
  • Ipx-4 Waterproof Level: Special Pet Polymer Surface Protects it From Occasional Rain Or Wet Fog. Light Weight & Foldable Size Make it Easy to Carry, Stash in Your Bag.
  • Package & Warranty: Bigblue Package, Industrial-Strength Pet Polymer Fabric,24-Month Warranty And Friendly & Straight Customer Service.

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  1. GadgetClass says:

    Passed All of My Tests, Even With Early Evening Sun This solar charger passed my tests, even in the early evening on a fall day!I have tested 5 of these folding solar chargers now. This one is is just as good or better than others. I tested the 28 watt (4 Fold) version which is capable of charging up to 3 devices. This one has a rubber weather protector over the USB ports to help protect from water and dust. I also like the soft tie downs on this charger. Many of the others on the market…

  2. Avid Consumer says:

    My experience with this charger felt like something out of a science fiction movie Ok so i didnt know what to expect with this solar panel, some of the reviews said it charged very slow, so i had my doubts. I took my solar charger with me to the beach and decided to try and charge my phone, which was at 15% battery. After plugging my lg g4 into one of the three usb ports it instantly started charging and my phone indicated a healthy charge level. I was absolutely blown away by this solar chargers ability to charge my phone just as fast as a wall charger. In only an hour my…

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