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The Newest Version of the Birdog; Birdog Ultra. All-In-One Zip Code Look Up, Spectrum Display, Expanded Measurement Display, All-In-One Power Solution and a new Constellation Diagram. Any one who has used a BirDog will already be familiar with using the BirDog Ultra as the easy to use menu system has been expanded upon to take advantage of the new additional features that the BirDog Ultra offers.

Product Features

  • Downstream Multi-Rate Technology Compatable
  • Spectrum Display
  • All in one Zip Code Lookup
  • Complete Power Solution
  • Constellation Diagram

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tuning in the big HD dish was ruining my camping experience (and wasn’t really great for my wife and mines peace of mind) Purchased the Ultra to replace a nearly 15 year old Birdog. The old unit couldn’t be updated anymore (serial port) due to equipment capability issues. Meter took a week to arrive shipped via ground. Packaging was very nice and everything was included.Charged the meter and plugged into my home DTV to get accustomed to the new meter. Interestingly, got no lock until I switched satellites & then switched back to 110. Then went to my FTA dish and got no lock on several frequently…

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