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BlendMount is A High Quality Mount proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by J28 Design, Inc. BlendMount is Constructed Of Durable, Lightweight, Black Anodized Aluminum. When we designed the BlendMount, quality and adjustability were our main objectives. We wanted to utilize the dead space around your mirror for a stealthy and centered mount with a factory-installed appearance. Get rid of those failing/falling suction cups that act as Windshield Beacons for Thieves on the LookOut, and Clean Up your windshield with BlendMount !!! No Worries, We message every Amazon Customer for their vehicle/radar info to determine the Correct Version to ship, thus the 3-day handling time. Only Compatible with mirrors that have a Cylindrical Stem behind them at least 1.

Product Features

  • Compatible Escort Models: PASSPORT X70,PASSPORT 9500ix/9500i,PASSPORT 9500i,REDLINE,PASSPORT 8500 X50 BLUE/red,PASSPORT 7500/7500S/6800,C65 SOLO S2,SOLO S3,SOLO RD-5110,SC 55
  • Compatible Beltronics Models: PRO 100,200,300,500,GX 65,STI DRIVER,STI MAGNUM,RX 65 BLUE,RX 65 RED,VECTOR 995,VECTOR 955 VECTOR 940,V6,V8,V10
  • Endorsed by Escort, Beltronics, and hundreds of professional installers. Securely Attaches Your Radar Detector To The Stem Of Your Rear View Mirror.
  • Patented Spring Clip. Machined and Assembled in California USA, Compatible with most Japanese and Domestic vehicles | Rear View Mirror and Radar Detector NOT Included
  • A+ BBB Accredited Business – Our in-house, California-based Tech Support team is available M-F

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  1. B. Wood says:

    For the price I really expected more. As soon as I opened this product, I was immediately underwhelmed. For something that costs half the price of a radar detector, I expected a durable and lasting solution.This unit feels flimsy and keeps coming undone. I have tightened the small little bolts, but didn’t want to over tighten them to the point that they snap. The bolts keep coming loose and the radar detector just falls into straight up and down position.It looks good, but for the price I really expected…

  2. LieutenantColumbo says:

    BlendMount This is a really great mount for people who don’t want to attach their radar detector to the front windshield with suction cups. The mount is very adjustable but you probably need to be able to keep the portion of the mirror stem that this connects to pointed directly down the center of the car to give the best coverage (up and down angle is not important, but side to side angle keeps your detector from pointing too far left or right). They may want to add a swivel in future designs to make…

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