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This 1600-watt peak inverter from Bravo View is ready for work — or the weekend. It converts your car’s battery power so you can power up a food processor, blender, small refrigerator, and even many large flat-screen TVs from your vehicle. Whether you’re finishing some work on the road or blending up beverages at a tailgate party, you’ll have all the power you need. In addition to the two AC outlets, you’ll also find dual USB outputs for charging phones, tablets, handheld video games, laptops, and more. The INV-1600U includes direct-to-battery cables.

Note: Before purchasing please check the “Power Inverter Sizing Guide” below to verify your wattage requirements. All wattages are based on the typical averages not actual.

**Direct battery connection required for loads above 150 watts

Product Features

  • 800 Watts Continuous, 1600 Watts Peak Power
  • Direct-to-Battery Cables Included – Provides power directly from vehicle battery
  • Dual 2.1-amp USB ports – Charge mp3 players, smartphones and many other USB-powered devices
  • Dual AC Outlets with on/off Switch – Powers up to two household appliances
  • Auto Overload Protection with replaceable 40-amp fuses (2)

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