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Save on antifreeze when you winterize with the easily-installed Camco RV Quick Turn RV Permanent By-Pass Kit. Made with kink-resistant nylon reinforced hose, sturdy, brass backflow preventer and 100% shut-off valve to let you by-pass the water heater with a single turn. Patented design.

Product Features

  • Easily-installed RV water heater by-pass kit
  • Single turn operation
  • Shut-off valve lets you by-pass the RV water heater with a single turn
  • Save antifreeze when winterizing by bypassing the water heater
  • Patented design

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  1. John W says:

    Nice kit, makes winterizing a snap I own the Camco 35983 RV Quick Turn instead of others who have the Camco 8″ Deluxe model. Looks like Deluxe has two valves on it whereas this version, the Quick Turn, has only 1 valve and a check valve. A bit more simple and easier to operate in my opinion. My only fear is if the check valve fails for some reason, my bypass no longer works. If this happens then the Deluxe is better.I had read some other reviews not on Amazon but on internet forums about this kit and they thought…

  2. Bill Kearney says:

    Works nicely 0

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