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Camco’s RV RhinoFLEX 45 Degree Semi-Translucent Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting has a swivel lug and bayonet fitting for a secure connection to your RV’s waste valve fitting. Semi-translucent fitting allows you to see that water and waste are flowing properly out of your holding tank. It is made with UV stabilized resin for long life. Bayonet fitting has built-in gasket for an odor tight connection.

Product Features

  • 45 degree swivel sewer hose fitting
  • Built-in gaskets for odor tight connection
  • Has swivel lug fitting and swivel bayonet fitting
  • Connect sewer hose to waste valve fitting
  • Made in the USA

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  1. B Mitchell says:

    “Clearly” allows you to better manage your work Got this fitting to use between the dump on the camper and my Rhinoflex hose to allow me to better monitor what might still be draining. The swivel feature is nice because you can rotate to best match your direction to the drains. During a recent outing we had a bit of a clog in the tank and this adapter was essential to helping us figure out when the problem was fixed, AND more importantly continue to use the flush feature until the water was clear enough to be sure there wasn’t anything left…

  2. VVD says:

    A saving grace for emptying our tank We have had some trouble with our tank not emptying and decided to spend the few bucks on this… SO worth it! It is gross to watch the black tank empty, but it has SERIOUSLY helped us see when the tank needs to be filled with water and dumped again until the water comes out clean and our sensors read 1/4 (before we started using this new “system” of watching the black water – it ALWAYS reads 3/4 full). It also lets you clearly see when you have finished dumping (instead of listening…

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