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Camco Vent Cover / Smoke is designed to allow fresh air ventilation and light into your RV, rain or shine. It offers high flow ventilation in an aerodynamic design. Can be installed easily by mounting to the existing 14″ x 14″ roof vent. Vent cover made of rugged UV stabilized resin with removable louvers for easier cleaning. Hardware included.

Product Features

  • Leave the vent open rain or shine
  • Removable louvers for easy cleaning
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • UV stabilized resin for years of rugged use
  • Built-in insect screen

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  1. Barry I Hooper says:

    0 STARS!!!!! it does just what its supposed to I’m happy with it,,,,,, Update. I had bought one before. One day when I got home it was gone. I couldn’t figure out what i could have hit to rip it off. I bought another one. After 8 months I saw that it was coming off. I thought, What am I hitting?As I touched it to take it off so it wouldn’t fall in the road. It simply had disintegrated!IT CRUMBLED IN MY HAND!I T IS DESIGNED TO SIT ON A ROOF IN THE SUN AND THE SUN DISINTEGRATED…

  2. Nigel Birch says:

    JUNK IMO. I guess you get what you pay for. 🙁 I can’t recall if I left a review when I bought this 2 years ago, but:Initially, I was pleased with the easy installation and appearance, however, at just 2 years this cover is in the garbage. I noticed last year when I went up on the roof of the RV that this cover had hairline cracks in several places and seemed brittle when I attempted to alleviate some stress from the attacment of the nuts.. I thought perhaps the nuts were too tight. However, yesterday, when I was up on the roof to…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Good bargain for RV roof vents

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