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Camco RV Off-White Shower Head with On/Off Switch allows you to enjoy longer showers with this ergonomically designed, handheld showerhead. Handy on/off switch allows you to pause water flow while shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used. Choice of five spray patterns from a drenching rain to a gentle massage.

Product Features

  • On/Off switch allows to pause water flow while shampooing, reducing amont of water used
  • Shower head measures 4″ in diameter with a total length of 9″
  • Choice of five spray patterns from a drenching rain to a gentle massage
  • Rubber spray tips allow easy cleaning
  • Washers included for easy installation

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  1. jmmahnke says:

    perfect for my needs I chose this shower head from the multitudes for choices because of the on off switch on the head. I wanted this not just for my use in the shower, but for washing my dogs. It is very hard to shut the water off, with a regular shower head, while you are shampooing the dog without losing them. Then when you turn a normal shower head off you have to readjust to get the temperature right again. With this all you do is flip the switch on the handle. It is awesome.the water may come out a…

  2. R. W. Bolhuis says:

    Works good, but different spray patterns underwhelm… I bought this product primarily for the convenient on/off switch and that works great. This unit has multiple spray pattern settings, but I have tried all of them and not all of them appear to do different things. I don’t consider that a big problem as I can get it to do the massage setting and the regular shower setting – the other settings just appear to be combinations of the two.The unit appears to be constructed well and the water sprays nicely, so the end result is that it…

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