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Color: CMOS Camera
Pick-up Device: 1/3″ CMOS
Scanning System: PAL : 625 Lines; NTSC: 525 Lines, 60 Field
Lens: 2.8 mm /3.6mm
(Optional,contact with us if you want it specially) Number of Pixels: 500 (H) * 582 (V); 510 (H) * 492 (V)
Horizontal Resolution: 420 TV Lines
Scan Frequency: 50 Hz, 60Hz
White Balance: Auto
Power Supply: DC 12V-24V

wireless receiver and transmitter:
wireless signal range up to 64 ft.
work voltage requirement: 9V -24V

Rear Camera
Image Sensor: Color CMOS Sensor
Effective pixels: NTSC: 510(H)X492(V); PAL:500(H)X582(V)
Horizontal resolution: 420 TV lines
Night Vision: Yes
Lens Angle: 120
Waterproof: Ip67/Ip68

7″ CAR TFT LCD Monitor
Display Size: 7 Inch
Resolution: 480 (W) * RGB * 234 (H)
System: PAL & NTSC
Power Supply: DC 9V-35V
Consumption: 6W
Video: 2 Channel Video Input, V1/V2 Switch
Net Weight: Around 740g

Package Include:
1 x 7″ TFT LCD Monitor (DC 9V-35V)
2 x Rearview Camera (DC 9V-35V)
1 x 34ft length RCA cable
1 x Double Sided stickers
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Signal Rransmitter(9-35V)
1 x Signal Receiver(9-35V)

Product Features

  • 3 in 1: 7″ TFT LCD Monitor + 2 night vision waterproof Rear View Camera + 1 wireless receiver and transmitter + 34ft length wiring rear camera.
  • Monitor has 2 Channel Video Input: one wireless system, another full time monitor system. Monitor automatically turns on and switch to rearview camera when reversing.
  • This monitor is equiped with LED backlight to make image more vivid and to reach larger view angle. 170 degree horizontal wide view angle, 120 degree vertical view angle. Support High resolution; PAL&NTSC Optional.
  • Rear View Camera: IP 67 waterproof. Color Contrast; Sharpness Picture. Image can be rotated horizontally and vertically for mirror or normal viewing. with 18 individual Infrared (IR) LED: image clearly at night or in bad weather.
  • Suitable for 12V-35V large vehicles, Wireless Transmission up to 100 ft max.

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