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Camping Journal: A Light Weight Camping Journal for Exploring the Outdoors

“We have nothing to lose and a World to see” – Anonymous We were made to explore the world around us. Camping allows us to unwind and get back in touch with nature. Being in nature brings us back to our roots and is where we can truly find ourselves. Now you can re-live your greatest camping adventures with this one of a kind camping notebook. Its the perfect way to store your most cherished memories for years to come! Now you can record all your amazing camping excursions in style with your own outdoor journal. It comes with 150 pages, including a section to record each campsite location, duration of stay, camping companions, weather conditions, most memorable moments and even room to paste photos from your adventure. Each section also comes with 3 fully lined pages for journaling your memories and thoughts of your latest camping trips. This light weight camping journal comes with a sleek, matte cover for an all-around attractive design. *This camping journal also makes the perfect Father’s day gift, birthday gift or traveler’s gift for anyone you know who loves the outdoors! tags: camping journal, travel journal, adventure journal, hiking journal, camping notebook, travelers notebook, journal for camping, camping log, rv journal

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