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The Canon Battery Grip BG-E2 adds a vertical shutter release, and is compatible with up to two BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514 Lithium-ion battery packs, or six AA batteries with included battery holder BMG-E2. Made just for the EOS 20-D Digital SLR & EOS 30-D Digital SLR Cameras , the Battery Grip BG-E2 holds up to 2 Battery Packs or 6 AA Batteries to offer double-length shooting time. The vertical shutter release makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as shooting horizontally.

Product Features

  • Compatible with Canon EOS 20D and EOS 30D digital SLRs
  • Holds up to two Canon Lithium-ion battery packs (BP-511/511A/512/514) or 6 AA batteries for increased shooting time
  • Battery grip adds a vertical shutter release capabilities
  • Optional hand strap (E1) is available
  • Increases functionality and convenience for your Canon EOS DSLR

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Get a grip…. Bought this grip and glad of it..Fits nice and snug, works just fine. Good feel and grip.Yes, total weight of camera goes up (more with two battery pks) but what are you going to do if you want more control.So nice to be able to take a shot in portrait format without sticking my elbow in the air and looking like a ballet dancer in the wild 8-)I do believe early production runs seem to have had a problem or two, but this later batch works…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mine works great ! ! ! (6-21-05) I must admit the reviews scared me away for a bit but with an impending camping trip – I decided to jump. I think that Canon had a bad production run or mislabeled product which they have since fixed since I just got mine and fits great.Two things that surprise me nicely about my grip:1) Comes with a AA Magazine!2) Full set of controls for index finger and thumb on the side (Shutter release, spin wheel, focus point selector.) Nice Job!On the problems others…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why the BGE2 grip does not seem to be available (May 2005) (…)To customers using the BG-E2 battery grip with an EOS 20D digital SLR camera:Thank you for using Canon products.We have confirmed that the BG-E2 battery grip for the EOS 20D digital SLR camera causes issues such as the number of shots being limited or a low-battery warning being displayed immediately when used with a fully charged battery pack or a fresh set of AA batteries. Canon offers its sincerest apologies to all customers who have been…

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