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One Size Fits All
This EC technology car mount holder is compatible with most of the smartphones and GPS devices with 50mm and 90mm wide

Easy to Install
Easy 3-Step Installation: connect the cradle and the mount, stick it on your dash and insert your phone. To adjust position, simply lift up the suction pad and place it down somewhere else

360 degree Viewing
Portrait? Landscape? Somewhere in between? With this thing you can have any angle you like, whenever you like

Powerful Sticky Gel Pad
The car mount holder is equipped with large sticky gel suction pad allows to securely sticks to any flat, smooth surface like the dashboard with an easy use mechanism. Most importantly, the suction pad will not leave any residue mark on the dashboard or windshield after usage which is nice and clean

What’s included
1x Car Mount Holder
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • Easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device within seconds
  • Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces withhout leaving any residue mark
  • Adjustable sides accommodate most major phones,GPS between 1.9 and 3.5in wide
  • 360°rotation ball and adjustment knobs provide vertical and horizontal viewing angles
  • Note: Please rinse gel suction cup and let it air dry if it falls off dashboard.

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  1. Joe Wood says:

    AMAZING grip, both on the dash and on your phone As you can see in the video, this mount has excellent grip – nano-adhesive stickiness, with a suction cup as well. It won’t budge once you place it. Likewise, it does a great job of holding even large phones with ease. And there’s that super-cool opening bit (again, see the video).I used this for a week in my car, and it performed flawlessly. I mounted mine to the windshield, but I also tried it on a smooth area of my dashboard, where it…

  2. The Stuff of Success says:

    Ultimate in flexibility This is another great EC Technology product. I have several of their mounts and this one is as great as the others. What this offers that is different is really the most flexible phone placement. I am not forced to place my phone in the cradle vertically – I can use it horizontally just as well and the phone can swivel to my perfect spot. I have an iPhone 6 Plus. Although I love my phone – it can be quite inconvenient with mounts – it always seems to be in the way of something. Not with…

  3. JKT says:

    Holds my large smart phone securely This is a very simple set up right out of the box. Just attach the back onto the arm and you are ready to go basically. The phone slides in the cradle easily, there are two push buttons on the back to “open” the arms and then you just push them securely around your phone. I tried mounting this phone on my dashboard and it would not stick at all. On my windshield, it holds with an iron grip. So I’d say this is not going to be suitable anywhere other than the windshield.To…

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