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The Mengo Promise: Here at Mengo, we seek product perfection and customer satisfaction. Offering high quality products at an affordable price, we’re confident you’ll love your product! Should you have any technical or customer service related issues, our professional service agents are here to help. Dual Slit Mount with Magna-Snap Technology Magna-Snap mini universal magnetic car mount includes a dual slit mount, which can be easily inserted into your car vent. This mount differs from others because it has both the thicker and thinner slits, to ensure that it will perfectly fit whichever vent you have. Simply insert the Magna-Snap into the vent, place your device onto it, and enjoy easy viewing and 360° rotation. Multi-Purpose Use: Not only does the Magna-Snap mini magnetic air vent car mount serve as a convenience in your car, but it can also be used elsewhere. The Magna-Snap mount can be used as a holder for your phone, as it will hold the device up for easy viewing at any desk or table! How To Apply: Option 1: Using the round non-toxic, non-residue adhesive provided, stick the metal plate onto the back of the device Option 2: For devices with removable battery covers, the metal plate can be inserted right in between the battery and back door Option 3: Simply insert the included metal plate inside of your phone case (Not included) Please Note: Using any of the three suggested methods is safe and efficient. The adhesive can be easily removed from your device or case, and will not leave any sticky residue. Inserting the metal plate in between the battery and back door or on the inside of your case will not interfere with your devices’ internet, cellular network, or navigation quality. The firm magnetic pull will hold your device in place with whichever method you decide to go use.

Product Features

  • Universal mounting technology is designed to hold most smartphones with or without a case, MP3 players, and GPS devices
  • Mounting piece includes dual slits – thicker and thinner, with Magna-Snap technology to ensure it will securely fit your type of vent
  • Four heavy-duty magnets will ensure your device will stay in place, even on the most rugged roads
  • Provides 360° rotation for enhanced viewing at any angle
  • Includes three different, very simple methods to hold your device (No tools required)

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  1. ImThatJennay says:

    Works as well as others! I purchased this with low expectations. If you’re not familiar with a brand you don’t know what to expect. This was a pleasant surprise–it’s awesome. It comes with a magnet you can put on the a back of your phone with case (at least in my case). You spin the clamp in the back to tighten or loosen to fit whatever size vent your car has. It’s small and the magnet holds up. I have an iPhone 6 and it held it pretty well. The only negative about this mount is that with my phone, it blocks the whole…

  2. Força Porto! says:

    With Mengo, magnetism secures iPhone to dash Do be honest, I didn’t have very high hopes before receiving it– I suspected the magnet wouldn’t be strong enough to hold my iPhone 6 in its Otterbox case, and I wasn’t about to remove the case to see if my phone fell (and broke!) without it.Still, I decided to take off the outer skin of the Otterbox and insert the small rectangular metal plate. The skin pulled back over it without any noticeable lump, and I was ready to test the Mengo Magnetic Car Mount. [If I was using my…

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