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Survive the spills, live for the thrills. The TaoTronics TT-SH07 Windshield Smartphone Holder is a simple, easy to use holder for your phone. Using a super tight suction cap, the holder sticks to almost any flat or textured surface – put it on your dashboard or window-shield and the holder will keep your phone safe and secure during those hairpin turns. Please check our more information below.

Product Features

  • • Super sticky suction cap attaches itself to any smooth or textured surface
  • • The lightest, most compact and convenient design that never bloc your vision during driving
  • • With 360° rotating head can be placed at arm’s length for easy operation – as long as
  • • Humanization design suitable for phones with different charging inputs
  • • Padded extendable arms can fit smartphones with a width of 2.0″ to 3.8″

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  1. Brandon G says:

    The Mercedes of phone mounts. This mount is awesome! It has a VERY solid build quality and features an adjustable arm clamp for just about any size smart phone. The suction cup is made of an adhesive gel material that makes mounting to your windshield super easy. This mount features full 360 degree rotation so you can mount your phone in landscape mode, or portrait mode. When I talk about full 360 degree, I mean full. You can tilt and swivel! This makes using a GPS application very tolerable. Every part of the mount your…

  2. Jimmy G says:

    A sticky mount cradle like no others I have owned several smartphone mount cradle in the past. I have had some great success and failures with them. I was excited to put this TaoTronics Car holder Dashboard / Windshield Smartphone mount Cradle to the test. I tested it in our minivan and station wagon. The experience is great in both. It is sturdy. It sticks to the windshield stronger than expected.What do I like about it?First and foremost, it is the smallest mount cradle that I have owned. I was a little…

  3. Peter says:

    Great Cell Phone holder for LG G3 Great Suction!!!! I received this item for use with my LG G3. I just recently purchased a new vehicle and was looking for a holder that specifically could be removed without leaving any residue. I received this item about 2 weeks ago and found a great spot on my dash. My dash is not smooth, and it has some texturing. I didnt think the mount would work on this dash, but I tried anyways as it was the only logical place to put it. First thing I did was used some rubbing alcohol to remove any…

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