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The UMIKA CELL PHONE CAR MOUNT is a heavy duty car phone holder for use with your cell phone or smart phone. The gooseneck arm of the MOUNT can be fixed the position to your reference.This mount is flexible .You can adjust the width of the CELL PHONE HOLDER based on your device. Use the adjustable arm of the CAR MOUNT if you have a thin phone,the larger arms of the MOUNT HOLDER have more girth to accommodate more thick phones.The ability to customize the size of the HOLDER makes this compatible with any cell phone. The top portion of the mount will turn/lock in different positions 360 degrees.Our mobile phone looks really cool in the CAR MOUNT when displayed horizontal-great position to utilize GPS or watch videos or navigation through music player.

Product Features

  • ✔ Strong and reliable suction cup mount .
  • ✔ Easy to install and release on the vehicle windshield without tool needed,easy to move from car to car .
  • ✔ 360 degree rotational head adapter provide optimum view for the driver and convenient use.
  • ✔ The mount is made of high quality engineering plastic.
  • ✔ 100% high quality windscreen Car Mount Holder, also can be use on car dashboard with a sticky gel on the bottom. Sturdily construction.

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