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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lightning’s not as fast as it used to be but it can still strike twice. There’s a few things that you should know as you approach what may be the final lap of Disney/ Pixar’s “Cars” franchise:> “Cars 3” largely ignores “Cars 2”.> 3 is more of a sequel than 2 was.> 3 makes a nice bookend with the original “Cars” and though it doesn’t quite have the original’s unique charm the charisma is close and the story feels like a natural extension of the franchise starter.> The talented voice cast…

  2. Anonymous says:

    While essentially a re-hash of the original film, this one’s worth a few watches I was really excited for Cars 2 when it came out, only to discover that it strayed completely from the original narrative and in a bad way. It seemed like they made the movie just to sell more Matchbox cars at Wal*Mart.So when I heard that a new Cars movie was coming out, I had two reactions -1.) Are they crazy? Cars 2 was a hot mess, and;2.) Can they re-capture the magic of the original?Well, the answers are kind of murky – 1.) yes, and 2.) maybe…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Audio not right but great movie! Ok. So this is a great movie. We saw it in theaters. Love the story and it is super cute. There is something wrong with the audio on this. We own the digital copy on Amazon prime. We have twenty or so other movies on Amazon prime that don’t have any issues. But on cars 3 when they are just talking in scenes, you can barely hear it. So i will crank up the volume and it is still barely audible. Then when music or sound effects come on it is deafening. I emailed Amazon and they said they knew…

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