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The CAT 120 Watt power inverter provides 120 watts of AC household power on the road. The 5 Volt 1A USB charging port can charge and power smart phones, tablets and more. The 120 Volt AC outlet can power laptops and other small electronic devices. The inverter can simultaneously run 2 personal electronics items at once. Heat sink technology allows the power inverter to run silently and the pivoting DC plug folds into the unit’s housing for easy storage and transport. ETL Listed for safety.

Product Features

  • 120 watts of continuous power.
  • One AC power outlet.
  • One USB power outlet charges smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices.
  • DC plug connects to car outlet.
  • No loud fan noise.

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    The cables are short like the previous buyer said

  2. nicholas denson says:

    Beware! So I had purchased this inverter twice. One back a few months ago but never got around to wire it. So last week I went and installed and hooked it up. Worked awesome at first start up. Soon as I powered it down and turned it back on , BOOM! The internal fuse blew. Well, I thought maybe because I wired it wrong, even though it worked and was charging my Dewalt batteries.maybe 300 watts max. So thinkin maybe it was defective , I purchased another and guess what. BOOM. Same thing sparks everywhere…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I purchased this item in April 16 and had it delivered to my stateside address. I was not able to get it to my ministry in Haiti until July 2. Haiti has very inconsistent power supply and sometimes we go without power for several days. I purchased this because of name recognition and most of the products available in Haiti are Chinese and many are often are inferior in quality. I had and now still have a smaller inverter in place to support my wifi and a single security camera. What I…

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