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The 29 LX MAX offers professional drivers a legal way to communicate safely and easily on their smartphone with the Patented CB Radio with Bluetoothireless Technology and enhanced Smartphone Features.

The Bluetooth feature allows drivers a better way to have phone conversations on the road because calls to your mobile phone are synched with the CB radio. A noise canceling microphone allows calls to be heard loud and clear, even over a noisy engine. Incoming audio is routed through the radio’s speaker making it easy for the driver to hear who is calling with audible caller ID. The system provides one-touch protocol for compliance and gives the driver’s the ability to stay focused on the road by answering, placing and terminating calls with one-touch operation.This is a paragraph.

The Patented iRadar APP integration allows you to receive and report Live Police, Speed Traps, Road Hazards, Red Light Camera intersections linked to a community of radar detector and dash cam users providing a way to keep alert as you drive the highways and cities of North America.

The 29 LX MAX adds one other Patented communication feature called Rewind-Say-Again that provides you with the ability to replay the last 10 seconds of signals received over the airwaves, and record a 10 second personal memo that can be replayed back at any time. The radio is built on the original #1 Choice of Professional Drives, the 29 LTD Classic chassis.

Product Features

  • Cobra iradar app integration – report Live police, speed traps, and road Hazards. Receive Live police, speed trap notifications from other iradar users. Receive Red light Camera alerts
  • Legal hands-free phone calls and text Messaging – make and receive phone calls with the CB! make calls and send text messages using voice
  • Caller ID with voice – voice and number display announcement of incoming call
  • Rewind-say-again – replay missed CB radio transmissions. Record a 10-second Memo and playback at any time
  • Selectable, 4-color LCD display – easy-to-read display in Green, Blue, amber and Red

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