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This item has been manufacturer refurbished to like brand new condition. A 90 day warranty is provided with this item and all the original accessories that would come with a brand new unit are included. The Cobra ESR-700 9 Band Radar Detector will help you drive with confidence. The radar laser detector detects four kinds of radar signals and four kinds of laser signals. The band identification icons provide easy and simple recognition of the band detected. The Cobra ESR-700’s safety alert warns you of emergency vehicles and road hazards from systems equipped. This device will alert you when under the surveillance of VG-2 radars which are commonly used by law enforcement. This package includes the ESR-700 radar & laser detector, car charger, mount, and instructions. We are an Authorized Cobra dealer

Product Features

  • LaserEye Provides 360° detection of laser signals.
  • Safety Alert warns driver of emergency vehicles and road hazards from system equipped with Safety Alert transmitters
  • UltraBright Data Display provides easy to recognition of band detected by use of identification icons
  • VG-2 and Spectre Alert, alerts the user when they are under the surveillance of a VG2 or Spectre I/IV+ Radar detector-detectors
  • City/ Highway modes allow the user to select operating mode which reduces the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas

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