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Introducing the 360, Cobra’s elite, front-line radar detector. With dual antennas for “True 360” directional arrows, advanced digital signal processing and exclusive software for impressive range, precision, and ultra-fast processing. Optimized to deliver the three most demanded radar detector features, at the highest level: extra-long range, pinpoint accuracy and True 360 detection, the 360 is designed to do just that.

Product Features

  • FRONT And REAR ADVANCED SENSORS W/ 360° DIRECTIONAL ALERT ARROWS – lightning fast detection w/ DSP Technology to find threats fast and accurately. Front and rear antennas scan completely around you; you’ll pinpoint the signal to stay ahead of the threat
  • ELIMINATE FALSE ALERTS – Receive fewer false alerts and make informed decisions quickly w/ customizable high-resolution multi-color graphic display. GPS based AutoLearn provides 5 levels of filters, so you only see/hear real threats on the road.
  • CONNECT TO iRadar FOR UPCOMING THREATS ALERTS, POLICE LOCATIONS and RED-LIGHT CAMERAS – iRadar App (included) provides enhanced crowd sourced alerts and connects via Bluetooth with optional Defender Database subscription
  • SIMPLE COMMUNICATION – Keep operation of your radar detector simple and effortless. The directional arrows locate the threat, the High-Resolution Display shows you the threat type and Voice Alerts in dual languages make for an effective hands-free drive
  • SECURELY ATTACHES W/ EZ MAG WINDSHIELD MOUNT and INCLUDES SMARTCORD USB CHARGING PORT – Everything you need and more in a convenient travel bag

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  1. Anonymous says:

    based on max 360 platform with some changes I like the tones better than on my uniden r3, this is a rebranded beltronics gt360, so it’s of good quality as far as the sturdiness. The suction cup holds the detector well on the windshield, the volume could be a little louder. The filtering is pretty good as I went through town and locked out the stationary sources via iradar app.The iradar app overrides the settings in the detector and does the overspeed alert, a minor annoyance which is the fault of the app.The…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Avoid The Fine and Points. True All Around 360 Degree Protection This is a superb radar detector that picks up all of the law enfoecement radar signals giving you the ability to slow down before being identified and fined. You can also cut any unnecessary auto insurance expenses due to points being added to your license. The unit has true 360 degree detection, and picks up the signal before any meaningful data is available to the patrol; allowing you to slow down and avoid trouble. The unit is user friendly and fits in your vehicle easily. I give this unit 5…

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