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The Cobra RAD 500G features an integrated GPS receiver and AURA database that provides location-based alerts such as red-light cameras, speed cameras, and speed traps. Anti-Falsing Circuitry and In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) Filter not only reduces false alerts from blind spot systems and traffic flow monitoring devices, but also eliminates erroneous alerts from sources like collision avoidance systems, so users hear just what they need to hear. The eye-catching OLED display and VoiceAlert provide intuitive band identification and easy-to-understand alerts for an accurate and informed drive. The RAD 500G comes pre-programmed for both English and Spanish voice and text alerts.

Product Features

  • Integrated GPS receiver and aura database provides location-based alerts of red-light/speed cameras as well as known speed traps
  • Instant-on ready detects Radar Guns with “instant-on” (very fast) speed monitoring capabilities
  • Updatable ivt filter automatically reduces false alerts from moving in-vehicle technology sources such as collision avoidance systems and Adaptive cruise control
  • Premium Anti-Falsing Circuitry automatically reduces false alerts from erroneous sources including automatic door openers, fixed position traffic flow monitoring systems, and other radar detectors
  • Lasereye Feature detects laser signals from both front and rear

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cobra RAD 500G Cobra RAD 500G_ This is a nice unit because it has GPS which allows you to lock out locations that are false alert locations, GPS is only found in higher priced units costing double what you will pay for this unit, I only paid $149 and the GPS is invaluable. Once you have locked out a false alert location it will no longer give audible alerts at that location. You also need GPS to use the preloaded AURA red light camera data base that uses GPS cordinates to identify the red light camera…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Worth every dime

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