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The Cobra iRadar ATOM radar detector-along with your iPhone or iPod touch and the iRadar app-lets you take advantage of a community of detectors for accurate alerts about safety and enforcement threats on roads all around. Incorporating Cobra’s highest-performing and most compact detection technology, iRadar ATOM’s Bluetooth connectivity turns your iPhone into the detector’s display, giving you warnings of upcoming red light and speed cameras. The power of community The connection to your iPhone provides access to the iRadar Community. Community members can report and warn other users of live police, caution areas, and photo enforcement areas. In addition, when an iRadar detects a radar or laser alert it automatically shares this data with the rest of the iRadar Community. Now you can rely on a real-time network of detectors for superior situational awareness while you are driving. Map-Centric Design The iRadar experience is all about the map. The map is where you can view all types of threat locations to see where other drivers have gotten alerts in real-time. When paired with an iRadar detector you’ll see upcoming Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, Live Police Locations, Caution Areas, and Radar/Laser detection areas. If Map View is information overload for you, switch to Dashboard View and we’ll just show you alerts as you approach them. Car Finder With Car Finder you’ll never again have to wander aimlessly in a parking lot searching for your car. As soon as your smart phone disconnects from an iRadar unit (meaning you’ve turned off or left your vehicle) iRadar will automatically save your GPS location so that you can find your way back on the map view. You can also manually set your parking location by pressing and holding your location on the map.

Product Features

  • iRadar app 4.0 updates offers significant enhancements to its mapping features – Rotating map combined with an automatic zoom feature based on vehicle speed shows more of the road ahead.
  • Live Traffic Data Integration shows real-time traffic information directly on the map, allowing you to avoid congested areas – Get Directions lets you enter an address and have iRadar plot the best route to it on the map.
  • Coverage Map View shows where iRadar alerts are concentrated; zoom out also displays isolated alert locations on long stretches of road – iRadar Community includes nearly one million users and generates 40,000 reports per day.
  • Receive AURA speed and red light camera notifications, verified user-reported alerts of upcoming live police locations and other real-time traffic threat data.
  • iRadar app 4.0 includes music control, background alert notifications, and distance countdown to alerts.

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  1. carreragt2790 says:

    Great radar Great radar. On par with valentine and escort models. Detection has much better range than previous iradar models, and it is much smaller. The connectivity with smartphones is the best feature I have ever used on a radar. Everything that anyone detects with a phone connected gets uploaded to the Internet with the iradar. So if one person detects a cop with their radar everyone will see on the map that there is a caution zone. It’s not as much of a guessing game as it is with valentine and…

  2. Rios2012 says:

    Syncing with Android Phones…. Pros and Cons I’ve had my Cobra iradar Atom for about a month ½ and I will start by saying this product has paid for its self, more than once.Pros: The Atom has a nice interface. It shows you a map with any caution signs and live police reporting that other people have posted. It’s another layer of network protection. I’ve had the Atom alert me of a Ka signal from a mile away (sure enough I see the Highway Patrol pass by). Great Radar, not too expensive. Atom works best with a smart phone…

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