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Replacement Dynamic CB microphone with 4-pin connector.The microphone has a nine foot cord, a left side PTT button, and attaches to the CB via a 4-pin connector. The dynamic mic is built with a heavy-duty ABS shell – just in case you come across another destructive canine.

What’s in the Box
One HG-M73 CB microphone and a one year warranty.

Product Features

  • 4-pin Connector
  • Heavy-duty Abs Shell
  • Metal Mesh Grill
  • Left Side Ptt Talk Button
  • 9-ft Cord
  • 9′ High-Flex cord
  • Heavy duty drop-proof ABS shell
  • Metal mesh grille
  • Left-side PTT button
  • Dynamic voice coil diaphragm

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  1. 5port says:

    Good mike great price! I dont think you can beat a good CB power mike for under $20. I’m using it on my Galaxy DX959 SSB rig and am getting good audio reports on SSB with a comment of “a little midrangy”. Thats not a bad thing when punching through noise. The big bonus with this mike is the design of it. It looks like something you would find in a helicopter cockpit. Very aeronautic with is bulging wind screen and red led that lights on transmit to give you a battery indicator. The transmit switch is easy on the…

  2. Donald A. De Motta Sr. says:

    Very Good Product 0

  3. Spy says:

    Mod it and you’ll be smiling! When you do a few simple mods to this microphone it performs very impressively.Before the mods, the HG M75 sounds “closer to a non-power stock mic with a dynamic 600 ohm element, known for a telephone sounding (300Hz to 3KHz) low audio”.After the mods, you’ll be thinking, “Now, that’s audio – over 40dB gain from 500Hz to 22kHz!”You’ll void the warranty, but the risk/reward was worth it to me. Google”Cobra HG M75 Power Mic fix/upgrade (+20dB gain)” and…

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