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This item has been manufacturer refurbished to like brand new condition. A 90 day warranty is provided with this item and all the original accessories that would come with a brand new unit are included. For the SPX 5300, Cobra used the latest technology, military grade components, and the best design practices in the world to pack this phenomenal performance into a sleek detector nearly half the size of other detectors in the market. Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to all radar/laser guns currently used in the United States and Canada, including POP Mode (Super-fast) Instant-on Radar guns. The new SPX 5300 is the culmination of Cobra’s over 30 years of experience in building quality, high-performance, detectors. The game changing SPX Series nearly doubles the detection range, and warning time, of previous models!nnWe are an Authorized Cobra Dealer

Product Features

  • Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology – Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advanced warning to even the fastest radar guns
  • Pop Mode Radar Gun Detection – Detects the latest Radar Gun Pop (Super-fast Instant-On) Mode
  • IntelliMute – Relative speed sensing auto-mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts
  • LaserEye – Provides 360 ° detection of laser signals
  • Safety Alert – Warns driver of emergency vehicles and road hazards from systems equipped with Safety Alert

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